ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Creation of The Universe

Matter exists in in space and time.3Dimensional space.The smallest particle of that matter that can exist is an atom which has mass and size in 3D.The material in the universe is of a 3D dimensional nature.The universe is infinite.So,does the material in the universe inhabit the realm of infinity?The answer is no because the material is within 3 Dimensions,therefore the material itself defines the Space wherein it exists.Material doesn't define infinite space,(4D space), it defines 3D space.Material exists in 3 dimensions?but the substance from which material is made, is higher dimensional space.Therefore the infinite creates matter but confines its existance to 3 dimensions,and to time.Infinity (4D space)is not dependant on time,but 3D is.
Eternity is a dimension of infinity (space),and by altering this dimension the 4 dimensions of space become 3 dimensional,with the additional dimension of time added,therefore, still consisting of 4 dimensions, but one dimension has been transmuted into time.
Inside the atom, the story changes back again.The 3D space and the time laws break down again back into an inner space or infinite.Laws of a higher spacial dimension are activated.

Biological life seems to be a mechanism whereby matter can evolve into the higher dimension.Matter also seems to be created from a higher spacial dimension.
The question that comes to mind, is life a natural consequence of the evolution of space, or has someone or something hijacked the mechamism to deliver a differrant chemistry to matter ?

The real argument is that reality consists of many dimensions,Who created reality? Who created other dimensions?When we say who created the universe we are really saying," who created everything".Someone has cleverly made us miss the target by pointing to matter as the nature of reality.
We are talking about the 3 Dimensional portion of the universe,when we ask the question who created the universe ? not the 4 dimensional portion.The 3D aspect where matter exists and time,was created from a higher spacial dimension.The universe, as we understand it,was created from another dimension. Time does not exist in higher dimensions, it came in to being and defines the 3 dimensional universe at this creation.Higher dimensions did not come into being at this time,they existed already.It is "They" that brought into being a space that contained the properties which would allow matter to exist in time.
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