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Logical Consequences

Life evolves through nature to higher dimensions.We know this is the case.Therefore life and intelligence is not confined to our 3D world but thrives in higher dimensions.The nature and mechanisms of higher dimension, mean that evolved beings would have the intelligence to create matter and life and would also be masters of these dimensions.The creation of our 3Dimensional universe, matter and life, would be possible by such beings from another dimension using their own intelligence.This is not only possible,but likely.
Who created that higher intelligence? Evolution or intelligent design?
The question is this:"Is the intelligence built into nature or a Being that is not subject to evolution ?"This is clarified to mean a Being that originated from a higher dimension,where time does not exist.If we accept that intelligence can exist in higher non physical dimensions we do not necessarilly have to say this owner of this intelligence is a Being or a life form.It could be, or it could be directly built into nature.

Nature cannot be looked at as a 3D and time phenomena .It must be seen as many dimensions. There is no doubt that matter can be created by natures higher dimensions, as for example the beginning of this physical universe.If the many universes theory does not alter the argument between nature or intelligent design.Lifeforms,evolution and inteligence from non physical dimensions are possible.Other dimensions of space exist that are not part of the "big bang physical creation of matter"argument.It does separate physical and non physical reality.Time has no meaning outside our dimension, so it is meaningless to talk about a beginning or an end or a before or after a physical universe.Inteligence,one way or another, created the 3 dimensional universe and also the physical life that is evolving in it. An intelligence that is built into nature or a being that is not subject to the laws of a lower dimension.
The idea that trial and error was the responsible mechanism used by nature to get the correct formula for this universe is a very good hypothesis.(many universe,s), but the "Grand Design" explanation doesnt take into account the properties and values of 3D space and Time, which are not up for grabs,and go hand in hand with the outcome,in putting forward this idea.Physical properties may have been selected by Space and or Time.This may be the inteligence governing the physical properties of the universe following creation. All possible outcomes of this original time/space/particle/force soup are obviously going to deliver a result from trial and error.I do not think that this is the intelligence mechanism at play.I do not think ther are many possible outcomes, due to the nature of space.Hawkins and the Polish professor,and others are saying that in the beginning the physical properties were selected from many possibilities.
3D space and time exists only by virtue of the matter contained in it.Not only is the space insperable from time, it is also inseperable from matter.The smallest particle of matter that can exist is the atom, and inside the atom you are no longer in 3 dimensional territory,you are then dealing with fields and another dimension of space/time with altered laws.Matter is a collection of fields.It is created from another spacial dimension from energy, to put together an atom,which goes on go define a 3D space and a time.The physical laws are not up for grabs as suggested by Hawkins and the Polish professor who wrote "The Grand design" and proposed the many universe hypothesis.It suggests the inteligent mechanism responsible for physical properties in 3D space/time are built into nature of spacial dimensions, and not into a trial and error process.Not a permutations/combinations chance happening.Although I do think it is a great hypothesis.I think the only way to agree with me is to deduce that life exists and originates in a higher dimension.That higher special dimensions have consciousness and intelligence built into them.
It does not rule out an intelligent being originating from a higher dimension.It does not rule out the possibility that nature possesses its own mind and is an inteligent Being in its own right.
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