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This is a contentious issue for some years. In the sixties it was a common view that many outfront, newage type drugs musicians and educated knpwledgeable people were enlightenned, perhaps Buddhist monks last life, was fashioable and actually believed by many from old ladies downwards. They were very highly respcted and also very healthy in their spirituality. Beautiful race also, still intact with much of their ancient vculture flourishing, which it seems the Chinese have ruined, there now.In later years thsi has been derided comtemptably, by pretty much scum and drug insane elements who have tedered it as an offensive lie. Yes tibet desecrated itself somewhat, but it at worst was only a white lie, with averyn healthy and harmless effect, in fact quite a positive effect.
I myself read much on the subject and in my university dayshad taken on thsi view, tha I was a budhist monk from Tibet in my previoys lie. This was also encouraged.Beliefs like this gain ground as you smoke ganja.
I am often pressed to make a public denial or affirmation,but under strict and hard analysis, in truth, I would say it is not possible to determine the truth of the matter. I do not have a door that can take me through my memory prior to my birth in 1953.This is the full answer as far as I am concerned. Unknown.As far as reincarnation goes I am pretrty sure this can occur,but I do not think it automatic that a person gains a new incarnation.I also would credit as posible to reincarnate far away, or anywhere at all, not neccessary, in ones own back yard.
I am very monk like type of boy person anyway.I suppose such a sort of birth would suit me quite well, not necessarilly in Tibet but any where.
Whether or not some people have this abillity to recognize previous incarnations I would be cautious to confirm. In general the conclusion I have come to is very rarely, because i know that genetically speaking it is neccassary to have a lock on that sort of memory door so as to advance suceesfully for a being, and a species in general.
When it comes to the lamas calaim i tibet tnat tney can identify certain re-incarnations. I would say, because of their excessive nature knowledge and nature mathematic abillities, that is very possibly true.They know them selves very well, and who is anybody to argue with them in afield where they have been way out ahead for thousnads of years.
most of the critics sell ideas similar fabricated by know nothing fools with no roots. These people we know all stink.
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