ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Mistakes of Higher Knowledge

Many knowledgeable scientists and metapysicists etc are wrapped up in profound truths about the universe and reality, and as has always been the case they tend to be above themselves and do not pay due attention to the basics of nature and our common sense reality.As said the nature of reality depends on the observer and we must not forget that in our case it depends on us humble human beings who are not that highly evolved.We certainly have not overcome our physical dimension and therefore should not leave our worldly viewpoint.It maybe true that the Infinite takes precedence over our dimension,but we as yet have not overcome our natural world and therefore our viewpoint should remain within our natural world, and physical common sense reality.
Scientist who have discovered the formulas for time and space should still observe the natural laws of our world and our biology.They should not travel through wormholes of space and time in machines.They should be in,line with our biology and our natural ecosystem.The way to travel is through the ley lines of the planets moons and suns.It can harness all the gravity between you and your destination and turn it back on itself to achieve this.(antigravity).Co-ordinates are inner space.It doesn't need our technology.Tap into the mechanics that already exist.There is a reason to observe the natural cosmic laws, otherwise if you go to in the wrong wayfar you may not get back again properly to yourself.I have noticed that the secret space program scientists and travellers cannot get back again to themselves and humanity.This includes knowledge,has to be learned naturally.
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