ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Bloodlines and Hereditry

Originally in nature hereditry was a fact but for thousand of years this has not been the case.Mankind has ceased to be reproductive species.In Genesis description of reincarnation Eve states that her children are coming from god(s)not from her and Adam..The death and rebirth of souls is no longer in line with hereditry, as by nature it should be.The souls of the rebornare no longer being controlled and masterminded by the human nature, but by another inteligence.In other words ET has been controlling the genetics of our species for thousands of years and our reproduction.We are an ET genetic experiment.Our nature is not our own.We no longer have a human bloodline.
What I am saying is all this Illuminati blood line stuff and pure royal bloodlines and genetics is a load of rubbish .Also selective breading is a load of nonsense as well.
We are not having a continuation of our family when we have children,as we are deceived into thinking by our biology.Therefore we are wasting our time.We are turning out scrap metal to mix cement and do the dirty work for ET.
Jesus genetics would be interesting to find out.There were two virgin births at this time .One being Elizbeth, mother of John the Baptist ?(correct me if I.m wrong),The other being Jesus.We don't know the truth of this.Inteligence sources say Jesus was a hybrid.Half ET and half Human.I don't know where they got this information from , but it is likely that they got it from ET.I don't give it 100% belief, but possibly the case.But why would it matter anyway? His rebirth would be same as everybody else, governed by ET inteligence, through human vehicles.Why would it need to fiddle the genetics if it a human religion? Does this mean that humans would be unsuitable for this religion?It leaves some doubt.

If the Jesus story is to be taken seriously and the virgin birth also.Also that Mary his mother was basically his original Adam and Eve nature, as is implied by mystics,Hindhus and metaphysical masters, and the writers of these scriptures c.1800 years ago.Also if you think he may have been half ET, and god incarnate, or at least a totally complete human evolution,It is actually implying that Jesus conceived himself.This arguement has not been put forward as far as I know, but it would have to have been the case.This is implying that he was a fully evolved master before he came down to earth.Which is line with what is claimed, and demonstrated.
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