ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Bible Knowledge.Words and Names.

The bible is a depository of profound knowledge and this is why I keep dipping into genesis to find answers.
I know little about the origin of languages etc .I will research the subject, but it is profoundly interesting.Where these words that we use come from?God only knows.The two referances in genesis to language are firstly, in the confounding of the common universal language that we all spoke, into the differrent "national languages "at the time of the building of the tower of Babel.I interpret this to mean,they spoke telepathically originally.A higher form of communication.The secondly, the creation pages where man gave names to all the animals.
I am trying to establish the source of the name we call " god", spelt by those three letters g,,o,,,d..
I am baffles how such a three letter word can have the human race spell bound for thousnands of years , where did the word come from and what does it mean?
No-one knows.
But man gave names to all the animals.Does this man made word ,,,g,,,o,,,d originate alongside this naming of all the animals?
Was there a creature, perhaps more inteligent and pwerful on the scene that he gave this name too ?
If you look at the word for what it is, it is simply the reverse spelling of another three letter word d..o,,g,,.
A mans dog mirrors a man,s nature and identity in the same way as man,mirrors gods nature.(made in his image).
The meaning and connection is profound.
The reason I say this is that the word "god" has no meaning in the sense of creator or absolute truth or religion.The word "gods" however referring to another species or animal does have meaning.And the correct translation from the Hebrew texts is known to be gods ,, not god.
My question is, where do these words in our language originate.?
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