ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Where is Life,s Rule Book? Guide Book?

Some say it is the Bible or other religious text, which it is, in a sense, but the true rule book, guide book, has been thrown away.It no longer exists in tact.We are left with The knowledge that the truth is within,fromthedawn of civilization from the first city,Enoch.
We have thrown away the key.
But originally the Guide book was Without as well as within.Rules and guides were written into nature,read like a open script as what to do and what not to do, alongside all the dimensions neccessary to evolve.
We have been delivered a bad trip of demons and devils, in our desire to escape nature and death,replacing it with a complex writings and religions about the gods and ET, telling us to look within.

The outer natural world could be seen to have written into it all the things that we needed to know.The trees,sky,animals.After all , all other life forms have the self same task and problems in the same system as us.We have gone solo making it a harder journey, with no guide to help us, in the dark.
It is said that he who sees has no need of the scriptures.Very true.
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