ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Fear Is The Door.

This is the door that causes all the problems for Man.It has done so for thousands of years.This is the door thatjesustried to deal with, when (if),he came to earth.man cannot live with it.It is the reason for the police,the military the NHS,religion and more.It is a monster out of control.
Fear of Death.
It is not natural.It is a human construct.
To ensure that death does not occur,man has created laws against life itself and exterminated most of the living creatures on earth.It is now in the finishing stagesof building a starwars Defensive System which employs a logic that says if we are all subject to a government death pact and agree to a suicide, we will avoid deathin event of attack by an enemy, but only dueto that fact that we are already dead, which the self same enemy also has to sign onto as well! Americas solution to the fear ofdeath is to kill everybody!
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