ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

There Is No God.

Religion is nature knowledge.There are gods, meaning masters of nature,(evolution),but not God.
The technique of mastering space and time enables the creature to move outside the confines and limitations of its ecosystem (planet) and move freely in space (other planets/stars).Religions are systems of yoga which teach beings to hop from one planet/star to another.They teach us how to "spring" ourselves from the "prison" of our nature.This is an introduction to the idea of connecting to(our)supernature.The science of innerspace cuts out the middleman of outer space by nature.Wormholes? It is necessary to train the mind and body to perform this natural abillity to move around the universe.This is evolution.
We are lead to believe that humans are more highly evolved than other creatures/beings.This is not true.There have been and still are, other species on earth who are more highly evolved than humans.Some have even achieved technologies such as space vehicles.Technology can be accessed by discovering the mathematical formulas for space and time and applying the physical science to build technology of the next dimension.The human species differs in its evolution to species that evolve naturally,who know that there is no God.We have been interferred with and are controlled by an ET species towards our evolution.(Mankind is still far from the endpoint of his evolution).The idea of God and gods has been introduced,(religion).In nature there is no such thing as God.Look at other animals such as a cat or dog, or cow or tree, plant? Would they have this belief and go to church every sunday? ET and ufo are so mind blowing and advanced, that there are no words to describe the experience when they encountered in nature.Hence the word god is used.(gods).
You do not necessarily need vehicles to travel long distances in space.The ability is built into(our)nature already.
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