ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Official Secrets Act

There is a "D" notice on knowledge from the otherside in spite of the freedom of information.If you go through these doors make sure you can get back again.A psychopathic disorder can collect a few weeks in a lunatic asylum.

It seems they are reluctant to let people access the proper version of their religion.That also means the proper Bible information as well.The Gnostic Scriptures and The Dead Sea Scrolls are a time bomb if released in full to the public.The Dead Sea Scrolls are under armed guard in Jeruselam at the moment.Other ancient scriptures have also been unearthed.That are said to be even more secret.People connected to these have been assiasinated.Access to some of this literature is available on YouTube etc.
It has become apparant that technology,science as well as texts have been unearthed ,left to us by past civilizations and that much of this has been held secret by world governments for a very long time.Maybe hundreds of years.It seems that science and religions,such as the Bible have been falsified to keep us in the dark all this time.As well as our true history.
I do not say that this is a total conspiracy however, because knowledge has always been freely available to the seeker with open eyes.No one is prevented from looking at nature and the night sky.Space craft and vehicles, ufo activity and ET have always been there.They use our airspace and planet without coverup for anyone to see.In fact I think they welcolm contact.
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