ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

The Moon

There are two paths.The path of light and the path of dark.
the Moon is an audacious and flagrant deception and cover up of what is really there.Its light is magnificent like a fluorescent Jewel. but it serves no purpose.It doesn't shine a light on anything significant or revealing .It doesn't tell us anything.It pervades our consciousness as being the dominant heavenly and celestial being.But it is not.It,s brilliant light serves to stop us looking further into the beyond.It influences us to look no further than our local earthly neighbourhood.It even blots out the significance of starlight, and is telling us to look no further.It doesn't do this with dark, but with light.The sort of brilliant light we would get from a powered up fluorescent electric spotlight.Our subconscious excepts this replacement for the sun without questioning,and happily deny the possibility of miracles in the beyond.In the day time we can see nothing either as the sun s light reflects the lower atmosphere and blue sky of our local environment."Day is night and night is day to the sage that sees".

But one day examine more closely from dusk till dawn, as the sun sets and the stars take their position in the sky.As the sun sets and and a a new vision arises, a world beyond the sun a sky teeming with stars and life,is over the horizon of the setting sun, the real daytime is beginning and the cosmic universe springs into life.This is the Light.Pervading the whole Universe.It is showing you what is really there.It is not covering up or deceiving you.Reality staring you in the face, openning the door into Infinity and Eternity,from this dimension into the next,into the beyond, the other world.Your locality from this perspective has expanded to become the Milky Way and more,contacting at light speed and at the speed of thought.The conciousness expands limitlessly instead of shrinking ino the moons shallow grave.
Into the light .This is the path of no return,they say.
The moon is seen to be a terrific deception , in the light of what is really out there.

It is said that the moon is an artificial satellite,hollowed out within, and containing ET technology.It is said to have been put there by ET, and a previous moon removed.It is supposed to be, amongst other things a soul catcher, for lost and wandering souls.
It may be serving an evolutionary purpose.It could be that the path of dark has been artificially created.The truth of dark and light cannot be denied.Dark requires its dwelling place to be hidden,the other requires it not to be.Both these powerful truths are in the beyond, the other world, beyond the door of life and death.
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