ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Light and Dark

Good and evil.Jesus states that none is good except god in the New Testament.Genesis introduces the idea of good and evil, that it takes the entire evolution to master or gain this knowledge.It could also be said that none can be evil except god.It is said that the wages of sin are death but of good are eternal life, but as just mentioned, neither may be attainable.
If you look at the teachings contained in the story of Cain and Abel, it suggests that evil is forbidden in respect of delivering death in this instance.It is taboo, outlawed as are other instances of evil.Good is also warned against in that it may often result in you finding your reward in heaven i.e. good is also a path to death.A dark truth is death and supposedly a light truth is life.It is believed by religion that death leads to life.

But the nature knowledge deliverered by genesis is that God has intervened with man and is quickening its evolution.It is not saying that good and evil should cease, it is saying we do not have the capability or knowledge thereof,and is teaching us to become like the gods, who do have this knowledge.In this instance it is saying we have not got the ability to kill.This is the reason we should not kill.ET has removed or redirected these genes from us.Likewise we also have not not got the ability to be good.Therefore saying we should forgive.
This would explain why drug use and abuse is such a problem.We do not have the capability to use them.Maybe they are not meant for human consumption,or maybe we are not ready to use them at this stage in our knowledge.Meant for the gods?
Further to the knowledge of light and dark , it is much said that one is a lie and the other not.i.e. evil and good.But supernature, or god, exists whether or not it can be seen or believed.The occult forces are said to be dark forces, evil and dangerous and not good, whereas the light forces are said to be of god, good and beneficial.But they are the same force.The occult or dark forces refers to the same nature, but where it is not visible, as opposed to the forces of light that are visible.Ultimatel the two forces are the same force.
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