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I typically a hippy whom "got There" in the70,s. Of the 64 happenning genertaion.A one off magic happenning which could only be understood by being there at the time. totlly encrypted mystery, with arenaiscence music delivery written in stone for all time, but its encrypted message is locked, to those who wer living in it at the time.Whom are now the sad victims of extinction.
I took all manner of weeds, ganjas, from all exotics world sourses of thge finest qualities, and hitbthe pure utopias, caped by the occasionl LSD journeies.From about b1971 until about 1976.Went mad basically at the end of thsis time period when it came on top for me.As it alwys did eventually, most then turned to JUNKs Like heroin and developed the tortally negative psychology of lies deceit and theft, destruction etc. I myself did not take these doners and junk but virtually got myself detained locked up and reborn, debriefed and re-educated, over the next 20years.

The validity of this drug path, which I consider to be a short cut path to the goals of religion,i.e metaphysics, are highly dubious. butin acontrlled type of way, i.e if there were definate rules and safety instructions tht were observed, then ganja would definately offer a feasable ,useable option.It is a psychadelic really, and an earth nature drugalso medicinal, and not just psychology medicene also useable for other medcal and physical uses.However it is not natibve to the Uk , and fo this reason i would say it is unsuitable for its native inhabitants, But in the field of herbs and green,life it does point to the use of Uk psychadelics that are native to the UK. So I would simply replace it for this optioon under similar machinary of useage.If my experience with the ganjas is valid, then it is a journey through
mi, to open its doors through some sort of truth system such as music, but it could really be anothe art or science system.It is a journey, like a medicine, tha opens thee eyes to see, in a culture, which in those days was reasonable for the job, andwith certain practicle preparation and protect3d enviroment, it had teh avbillity to deliver, in a what was then a rich culture with a full untapped bank account, which was the prerequesit of the user, basically nto be good material, tha would have got there any,way, if not in an inner sense already there.
The danger areas are to dtrastically stop at the corrct moment and live on the strenght of the finding yourself reault, if succesful, and remove the stereo type addictions that laboritoried the whole thing and return into life, albeit with windows cleaned.
This of course never happenned because the utipias of the path were to powerful to put down.As were the gadgetry of stereo sysetms.Also being illegal and declaring an alterntive split with the norm, it could not rinytergrate,and its goal of aseperate society was doomed, idealogy, basically a war of ideology.So it was on top very definately and in a big way by 1980 , and known as the Dominoe fall, incedent at Neshabar and by other trick expressions., as its key pins fell, so the stck of its entire dominoes fell down.A total disaster even though the conditions were far more favourable tahn they will ever be again, Basically no survivors without sever psychology disoprders, and the addictionand fashionabillity that followed all the new generations delivered logarithmically worse results ths this psychologically, not for some unknown reason reading thewriting on the wall of this lot and the alarm signal warnings.of its disaster, which was plain for all to see.The situation is now out of hand., with the youth of today.
It is unthinkable basically. additioonally in these early days, it was not a universal fashion. It was definatively noted that thsi thing waas well suited to some but not bto others of the same age.Generally require a high inteligence, and very a very able person, in character and otherways, sort oof spiritually inclined.I would guess a 5-10% suitabillity for my generation.
And it would be the same in any group, in favourable conditions.
The dangers of psychadelia in anprotected mind areas etc are massive.And in unsuitable cercumstances.
Wjhat is going on now is strictly illegal by human satndards, it si sheer infliction of crime by the dealers of ths sort of rubbish that is going round It is filth crap and rubbish and aso a lie, It can guarantee to agravate the damadge that is already there. There are no minds whatsoevr in these geberationthat even come close to being suitable for psychadelic use.
On the subject of other drugs such as cocain heroin crack alcohol,pills of manmade chemicals I have very littgle to say. cannabis itself keads to psychological deathm, and if successfull rebirth. But it must be use on a nature taht has this prpensity anyway, and it therefore is a vnull and void arguement, because there would be far bnetter expenditure of tnhat persons" money" if this were to be his case, and that would be for his/her own benifit, not its controllers, (Which is going on currently).
The other natural drugs also lead to death as is their designeted purpose. at least heroin and alcohol do, by sdefimnition of these drugs. But they differ in thatthey are hath drugs and deliver a hatha death, ie most probably physical death, Teir useage must , to deliver btheir purpose deastimnation, come up with this result. Peole are not to happy about this truth, not least its users , some 35 years later. By definition they are heroin user failures. As for cocain, i could only say that theconcentrated crack user demontrates the hal marks of utopuian addicted drug user witn similar markings to psychadelia, but with no seeable result or afvatage. I ghave noted in all crack cases insanity withoutr bounds, and natures that are a crime against nature itself.I would say they are not meant bto be using these drugs and are a right off more than any other user, psychologically definately and physocally also. I t ahs rhe hallmarks of metaphysical delivery without any safteybnet, alternative, but violant on others as well. thoa I enterpret as suicidaal, ecause they are autamatical acting naturally which, in normal nature lws would have them killed. Thsi ai my view that they are manically psychopathycally suicidal, a srios psychology illness, as bad as anything.There is of course no possible way for these cocaine users. Anmd also ther is no possible way or advantage in them using the other drugs.
The truth of the matter os that there is not theavailabillity oh a holistic drug for them ioor any other. They are aright off. And that goes pretty exlusively for the drug experiment. They simply dont work, at thhis time and palce, and evrybody knows it.

As fvor the metaphysical arguement , tnat does not necassarilly have to use drugs at all, thsi also does not work. There is something wrong throughout the entire nature of thsi country at least, very possibly all coyuntries or many. And Everbodt knows that also, Simply guessing and clutcjing at straws. Any real authorities on thes subjects , \i notice are avoided, and charletans continue messing around with these games of other peoples invention.

Th moving onto the land of the hippy alternative movement, did see the light of this suitable enviroment for living by nature in his metaphysics condition.As the answer for the same politics in his world from the city but putting all his mayyterial eggs into a simplified basket, theyrealized the economy in time a,nd effort woould allow tghem to take .IT simplicity (tent, locamotion-Walking/hitching and benefit cheque,free food, alongside a retained quarter ounce of cannabis habit and handouts),did offer the perfect answe, and it was a big and right move , to make, a good idea, but funnilly nenough like every other move they mage it came on to big time, their heads went badly all along the way, bit as far as I could see they were technically correct, I would say it showed that none of it was actually meant to be.They did discover much ofbthe full story about the land and earth natures, and roots of old even orehistoric England, tha we now know us universal in all countries thsancient mystical heritage.
I think it amassive mistake to live in other peolples shoes and historya and to momick a past culture. We must see the world 2006 to be able to glancce back.Yes the universal truths are still present, but bthe real thing is written into the peole not bthe monuments and earth works.The peole tha survive here today and the certainly dont have to be religious or hippys or identift as others wish them to or fashiondictates.Ye sthe land was undersood by this movement.
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