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Evolution Is key To Science NWO.

New world order has invested heavily in science as the new religion.The Truth.Some say prematurely, not having yet accomplished all its answers.But the argument raging still between intelligent design or evolution is not yet solved.Steven Meyer is the new voice that claims to have proved that evolution is not possible.However he doesn't explain the,not however being able to identify the source of this intelligence.
The permutations combinations theory is on a sticky wicket in light of the new arguments.They have delivered calculations to " prove" that the time would not be available for this natural selection mechanism.They also show that the very assumption,s that give rise to the idea of evolution and natural selection, are shown to support his new ideas of intelligent design.this seems to be true.Definately,Darwin,s theory is seriously flawed in many areas, yet the other arguments being delivered are no where near authoritative,in my view, as t the nature of reality.It really is presumptious to assume we have a good track record when it comes to answering the big questions of science and reality.With our mind and existance locked inside a 3-dimensional box that we have insisted has to be taken as the ultimate nature of reality,it is hardly surprising we cannot answer these questions such as who is the creator.For a start this question is nonesensecal when only three dimensions of space are considered and one of time.How can you confine the nature of reality to three or four dimension, and then still expect to explain realities creator? You have to look at these questions afresh,think outside the box.

For instance we argue that we evolve through nature to master higher dimensions,and leave this world behind.To overcome the material dimension.If this is true that there are dimensions that are superior to our material and physical dimension, then by definition, these higher dimensions are going to have the ability to create matter in a reversal of this evolutionary mechanism.To recreate a lower dimensional reality.If you take this logic further and assume nature consists of many more and higher dimensions, then it follows that creating a 3-D universe and even life would be possible.So yes, it might be impossible to create the whole damn thing from our 3-D material world,but it might be very easy for"the whole damn thing" to create our 3-Dimensional universe of matter.Life,s organic chemistry,also.It is a bit arrogant to assume that we are running the show as to what is truth and what is not.
So back to the inteligent design or evolution arguement, If the current opinion is that life is a result of inteigent design, why is this a surprise?It is hard for us to except that Inteligence may be built into the mechanism of reality and its dimensions.That it is not actually sourced in a "mind".Or that inteligent life has evolved or exists in non physical dimensions.Why should physical dimensions only have a monopoly on inteligence,mind and creation.Life also.

Back to the arguement that is brewing over Steven Meyer,s book, to disprove evolution,(it is a powerful logic),NWO will not be prepared to concede to this arguement against science and evolution,
But it will have to get prepared to an alternative explanation.
My view is that nature has inteligence built into it.It created itself.But not necessarily from the material reality.
You cannot avoid the critical arguement that has now surfaced, that life has been designed and created by an Inteligence.It is about time this has been recognized.But the source of this inteligence is not a creagtor or God,that we have hitherto assumed. It is nature itself.The answer to this big question is as it says on the tin, when you look and wonder at creation.Nature is God.
The entire physical,material universe,time itelf and all other dimensions,life and us.
The nature of reality.
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