ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Origin of Religion.Reasons.

It seems that religions were created as rulebooks and guide books.It must be that at some point in our past this became necessary.Originally it may have not been the case.My view is that it became necessary to implement a civilization.Living together in societies and communities after the introduction of farming.
It is similar today, where the key point is still the law ,in our current attempt at a civilization.Originally there was no law.It was a concept that did not exist and there was no religion.There was a balance of nature written into the ecology.
If you look at the bible it seems to be introducing a system that goes against the grain.Starting off with outlining the difficulty of living against a law, i.e. original sin of Adam and Eve and the killing of Abel by Cain.It seems straight away that unrighteousness increased and the gods deemed fit to destroy man in a flood.So it is evident that a law was not being adhered too, and the civilizing of society was not working.It is only a litle later in the book that Moses delivers the long awaited Ten Laws of the commandments.
The source code is laid out in that life was to be an exercise in good and evil.The rest after this is an attempt at management of what doesn't seem to be manageable.Even today.
It could be said that its saviour and messiah,Jesus, was sent to outline a method of escape from what appears to be a written off human species,and a failed social experiment.
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