ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Eternal Dimensions Struggle

Man was created ,as are all living things, in an ecosystem built of 4 space dimensions (innerspace/infinity)and a time dimension of inner and outer time.
Wehave to process this information.The information of thesedimensions.Theycannot be processed all at once it takes time, but to process Time,it could take eternity,if we take any notice of what it says on the tin.Much of this information is impossible to process outside of nature, or at least very difficult.Time is past present and future and it is substance that can be fitted into a formula and present its self as an "all at once phenomena".It can be understood in a flash or it can take forever,eternity.It can present one second as equivalent to a thousand years or visa versa.Its nature really isnt understood.The laws of time can be altered .It is a dimension of space that has been used to accompagny or define a 3 dimensional material universe .It is not what it seems.At some levels it doesnt exist, at some it presents as heaven or hell,at others it merges into another dimension, as said which is space.It can be a very powerful friend or an enemy too.This is because it is not understood by an experiencer who has lost his natural space time.
It is not just universal it is Cosmic.It must be appreciated as continuous, which means past present and future.If we loose our past or future,we loose Tme.Time only exists in the present.But we cannot be expected to remain here-now beings, as this removes our 3-D world which we need to survive.It confines us to universaltruthofEternity and InfinityInner space and inner time.But nature has a way of keeping in tune and in sync by a harmony.A cosmic harmony with earth and sun.Itcan remain in the present on the principal of one day at a time.In other words the cosmic creation gives aunit to define time .This unit is oneday. 24hours.One revolution of the earth on its axis.This enables us to see time moving in a forward direction and we don't have to see"Time all at Once".We don't have to process eternity every second.so the ever present Now can slowly move accross the sky where the sun rise and sunset are seen to happen.It gives time a meaning,but in terms nature.
Once you know one day, you will know all days, because (along with the months and the seasons)one day is the same as all days.One year is the same as all years.Therefore by knowing one day you can predict the future in this eternal universe,a million years hence the sun will be risingand then setting with a blue sky and clouds , alongside the trees and birds etc. exactly the sameas it does every day.Time is still past present and future, an all at once phenomena ,That doesnt exist outside the present, but the mechanism has been hijacked to paint a different picture.
Time is seemingly given a direction of travel,forward.But you can stop time and get off if you want too.It is built into a nature that doesn't want you to get off,it wants you play the game.

We will not find time meaning outside nature.It is Cosmic and it is Biological.
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