ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

This is a bad belief, its is nothing but rubbish, and it leads people into false hope. It removes the sense of resposibillity, required to survive by ones own means. Technically, false information/ideas.

The "Choosen One" thing , is a case of none other than one choosing oneself, when working out the options in life. No-one can choose anyone without a loss. the credit and responsibillity of success in lifes paths can be removed by higher powers is te.As perhaps in buddhist attainment.
The Fukfillment of thekingdom of God is comple rubbish of an idea. Although a good noble thought wish, it is a pipedream/impossible /fairytale dream-idea. It has no basis in practicle common sense,it is basically a lie as is the idea of the new Age.These idea have been nutured and delivered from drug adicted dreamers from the 60,s onwards, from their short lived drug-utopiaqn dreamland, and have no practicle basis in reality.Enlightenment even for one advanced indevidual, is a massive effort, and unlikely of success. It als takes a very long time.It is not discovered or le3arned nin a book or scripture, either,these are guidlines.Neither is it found in yesterdays world.
The chance of the whole human race becoming enlightenned and living in Utopia is absurd.

Strictly speaking there is, technically, no such thing as enlightenment, or a spiritual path, or even God, or religion.
There is way,now,nor ever has been been, even now with our science.

What we have experienced and still experience it today withe the new age and new sience is a spirtual insanity of the highest border, and it has aways been left unchallenged throughout the history of riligion. It is a mental illness, very diagnosable, and probably a serious type of schizophrenia.

The lowly and the good being prey for those who have been damned, and collected up to domninate the congregations.

However a good code to live by,in the absence of anything solid,is not wrong, simply a white lie, that really is not harmful in itself, to the reasonably well balanced.
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