ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Both Worlds

In the beginning Adam and Eve saw the world through rose coloured specs.They had the best of both worlds, but they were still in the world.So after the fall they were both trying to recover both worlds.This is the normal story for people.
But the "both worlds" in the beginning and the "both worlds" in the end are not the same.The knowledge has been done of "the world",(or nature),although it is still "both worlds",but from a differrant viewpoint.No longer is your requirement to gain knowledge, which changes your program.Your nature has been transcended,but the bigger nature of reality has not.
Return to original nature, enables one to see.From the beginning duality and conflict arises because of this lack of sight.Cain and Abel offer the two paths that are sighted.Sight is what is meant when referring to the face of god(s).The creation to so many people is cited as proof of a creator or god.It is considered the face of god./i>
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