ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

The Origin of God

The very word God is a misnomer.The scriptures refer to the gods, which refers to enlightenned or super nature beings in the plural.
The word we have cometo know as God,is derived from a word in the ancient Germanic language which meant Good.God by nature and definition is good and evil,as stated in the metaphysics.The shift in empahasis with the scritures is evident everywhere.Firstly,covering up the females significanceand secondlyto deny the existance of anything uncomfortable,namely evil.
It is logically concluded thatgood can achieve anything that evil can ,and although this is true at the highest level, not so,for ordinary mortal beings.Therefore the idea that "Godis good"is not wrong,but only half the story.
So language has twisted the meaning to fit in with a societies comfort zone, and not the truth.This is the case with all languages.Originally languages meant what they said.
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