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Dimensions Science Religion

A taste of honey is worse than none at all.This is the scientists problem.He may have 95% of the truth,but it doesn't hit the jackpot,The door will not open with a key that does not fit the lock.This is the 99Pence.
No good.Useless.He has used up his password attempts and resources.Now he cannot open the door
Knowledge is not scientific.The scientists formulas,mathemtics and theories reveal the great secrets of nature and its forces and matter and the universe, but does it give answers and evolution?It doesnt answer the question of god and self realization.He has prematurely thrown out the baby with the bathwater.Religious knowledge cannot be denied in relation to the path.

Genesis states that we should evolve towards knowledge.Good and evil.Not one or the other,but both.Life and death are to be accepeted as fact.We like to deny this in favour of a view of reality where god is good,as is life,but death and evil are falsifications of reality.Scientific views endorse these values, and distort themselves to maintain the confort zone.Its latest findings verify time,s immortality and the formulas for everything.They are selling a brand new age of wonder and immortality.A new religion.It is once again avoiding the facts as written in genesis.The knowledge of life and death.We cannot bypass mortality.We are mortal not immortal.We cannot overcome our greatest fear and obstacle,which is death.
For thousands of years wise men with their religions have tried to solve and escape this problem of death and evil.Jesus himself tried to take away this lie from humanity.But he failed.Death is here to stay,even though all religions and science itself state that it doesn't add up to our inner formulas.
We are 3D space,also time and also inner space.We live our life, we fail and we are reincarnated for ever, or until we work out ,through life, the formula that presents itself.The 5 dimensions we are dealing with are as mentioned.Infinity and eternity.This hits you in the face as you look up at the night sky.The formula,the source code,is written into genesis.This is natures formula.The solution to the question of the god(s).

We cannot cannot understand the dimensions of Time and Space outside of life.Eternity and Infinity represent space and also time.We understand space in three dimensions but Infinity is not 3D it is 4D.You could say inner space or inner man.We should process the meaning of more than just three dimensions of space and also more than just one dimension of time.The only way to understand the time dimension is biologically,(cosmic).

(One day of time,24 hours,if looked at explains time. It demonstrates the mechanics of past,present and future, because it is a cycle that repeats every day.Always has done so in the past and will also in the future.If you study the cosmic implications of this in the field, it can be seen that we are a product of these cycles of earth sun and moon, which gives rise to the experience from where we are created.We are a product of time and space.Life on earth is subject to blue sky,clouds the green trees,animal life etc, rising every day, which repeats itself in cycles of 24 hours(lock in the seasons).We can precisely predict the future,and see the past as a formula,as to what will happen every day for us,the birds,the trees,the bees,the sky the clouds and the light.Man knows the past and the future naturally,(time).)

Logically we can see that the time that exists is "the today" and is dominated by the "sky",(the cosmic reality).This is forever time it is eternity as seen after the sun goes down,as can the infinity.
Eternity is a time dimension that is derived from a higher spacial dimension.By knowing this "today" we know all time, past present and future.You could say as in physics,if you know one particle of matter you will know all particles,so it is with time,knowing one unit of time , would know all units of time.The point to observe is, time has to be seen biologically,cosmically and not all at once or here now,e.g.in units of one day.It is the only way to arrive at a formula that fits the lock.
The total formula of life is one of spacial dimensions in nature.In our nature.
I would say that when time "happens" to space dimensions,life is created,comes into being.This would explain the mechanism of spontaneous creation, which is an idea that creationists find difficult to accept.

If a man can conquer one day, he can conquor the universe.Become a master of time and space.Because all "days" on earth are the same.It is a biological,cosmic formula.

Five or six dimensions will describe who you are.It will deliver the key that fits the door.Science will not do this.
The universe is a mirror reflection of who you are,biological and cosmic.It is also the true science.
Life is very much a mathematical formula, but a difficult holistic one and not available "all at once".
A machine is a product of time and space as well but it is not cosmic.It has no time.
New world order is a machine.It is not cosmic or biological.Our scientist are a machine.
It should be noted that extraterrestials are cosmic and biological.So are human beings.
This is why they were sucessfully able to reach to be an advanced civilization, which we will not be able to do,for the reasons outlined.
We do not need to read the book of advanced alien races and the technology from their time/space.We have our own book of nature.We can read the correct book from our own time/space.Biological and cosmic.
If we wish to find a key that fits the lock.Self realizations,as religions are supposed to be.
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