ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Is The Creation Proof Of The Creator ?

Your eyes can see for yourself that the creation is God, yet there is no actual proof that you can hold down and the scientist cant prove or disprove it either. You can not hold the observable Universe down to 3 dimensions,because of the observable infinity and eternity, so our 3 dimensional world is on shaky ground.Throw in a bit of infinity and eternity can increase the size of the universe,but suggests that their might be more dimensions to reality than this.Life and the creation thereof is not explained either.
The three dimensional observable universe is only a small portion of natures many dimensions and is not a major slice of reality.In defining "god" much more is going on than we could know, but we do have to include several higher dimensions into the equation and look at mathematical models of nature.Many big thinkers can think outside the box,but this can be a mistake in this business.Attention to detail should not miss the sign posts of "what is says on the tin".Sign posts are written into the nature of creation.but, we should not be confined to the limitations and rules defined within the tin.
Why should the big bang and the coming in to being of 3D material that we know as our universe bare a disproportionate say into the subject of God or the nature of reality?
3D physics and mathematics doesn't explain reality.Higher space does explain the 3D reality,though.
The genetic component of creation is not nessarilly where its at in respect of intelligent design and a creator,god..We know that intelligent coding is used but with the newly discovered possible mechanisms at a beings disposal,there could be manufacturers of life other than the "god" or source that we are looking for in the big picture.It does not rule out the possibility that life arises spontaneously in nature.Space/Time happennings.The original space/time happening is what we might be looking for,or spacial happenings.
So the question of god,in the light of what we know,all that is,a good many dimensions of space and what we experience from our perspective in nature,concludes that God may be "all that is"in nature,in its many dimensions.The entirety of nature is the phenomena we call God.The One.
An entity that created itself from itself,defines itself and nature.
It cannot be proven or disproven by anything other than itself.It is its own concept.
The idea that God is "everything"the entirety of nature and all dimensions,gives rise to the idea of "nothing".If the nature of reality includes "nothing"as well,then everything and nothing are interchangeable realities, and the creation of everything from nothing could be made possible by borrowing reality from nothing and paying it back later,so to speak,from "everything",so as to even the books.
God could be a spontaneous happenning.Pure intelligence ?
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