ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Creation of The 3D World

The mechanics of creation are locked into the finished product.An atom is the smallest "bit " of 3D material.The smallest physical particle.Anything smaller is not a particle.The so called smaller particles within the atom such as protons neutrons and electrons,or quarks and leptons,are not particles,they are fields.
The space/time within the atom is not 3Dimensional either.Within the atom the building blocks,fields are transitioning from higher dimensions to transfer and lock their energy into a 3D space.
Different laws of mathematics and physics apply to the different dimension.Differant laws of space and time exist within the atom,to those outside of it in the 3D world.We know this as quantum physics.
The finshed product is a physical object,an atom, from non physical"material".

According to the standard model of physics,there is quite a lot of energy locked up inside an atom.It is important to note that nature often uses the interchangabillity of mass and energy.In an atom most of the mass is in the form of energy held by the protons and neutrons.It is an indication of how these fields interplay with their energies,converting one into another.The mechanism of the 3D creation is locking energy from another dimension into our dimension.
Physical object possess a lot of energy locked into them.Otherwise they would be very heavy.The equation e=mc2 calculates the conversion.
This is saying that a factor of (186,000 multiplied by 186,000) of the mass of an object will be the resulting amount of energy released if converted.Antimatter and matter collisions will do this.If the mass inside an object was not in the form of energy,all objects in our world would be very,very heavy.Impossible to exist in.High enegies are required to create a new dimension.

It seems logical that high energies lie beyond our 3Dimensional world.This connects to the much talked about subject of free energy,as a new technolgy that may be on its way.It is said that an infinite reservoir of energy exists which can be tapped from free space,everywhere in the universe.
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