ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Bible Knowledge.

I take the bible seriously as a source of very deep knowledge.As much as any other.It has to be taken incontextand with poetic licence in its effort to teach us through the method it chooses.what it is trying to do is give us a knowledge of nature and the forces of nature so that we can function in the settings in which life puts us.The very origin and source of this knowledge is in genesis in describing us as Adam and Eve.The rest follows from this source code.It is very suitable to describe who we are and life.It describes a basic nature force.Religion is defined by most as a self-realization.Genesis offers that Adam and Eve is the original and the end self realization.It is in the context of knowledge though, so it is obviously a teaching of knowledge through life that is being delivered.Is this self-realization or religion?It is not.Adam and Eve is not who you are,it is a way of teaching, but it is not who you are.Therefore the bible, and religion in general is not self realization.You are subjected and dominated by the basic nature forces, this is true, but they do not describe who you are.There are more things at play than just this force.The fruition of this knowledge takes a person outside the human condition and at a higher level he serves the higher beings.It is these beings who have delivered this program for their benefit,to have us trained to work for them.Everything in nature is hijacked by higher beings.
There is a price to paid for openning your eyes in the way religion describes.Inteligent maybe, but not natural.
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