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If the mind from another starsystem,i.e.god, or a metaphysics from religions, it would be unsuitable for us.We would not be able to live,.If Another system can win the nature of this one, or if it was/has been done in the past, we would not be able to survive . i.e. India as a great example,or such as Tibet or other civilization from antiquity, Egypt and world wide similarities.It would probably expalain the mess we are in today, in most countries.We can only survive with a worldly or secular mind. It is obvious to me these metaphysics,in the name of good, and humanity, tries to establish control of human and world power blocks, such as New Age power politics and Science/psychiatry politics.Definately not to the welfare of worldly and humn interests. The wrong mind is working here for us.Results from social engineering and social/psychiatric experimentation speak for themselves if we look around at our society.

This is clearly visable in our country. Look around at the total disasters, and designer minds, of the public.These are results from social/psychiatric experiments and social engeneering, by minds that were not using secular powers.Much of the work was directed from USA, known to be the factory of Alien Technology.
With such ideas as fulfilment of the kindom of the utopia, New Age, it speaks for itself what is going here, minds totally unsuitable for human beings, that are using the power, have made this disaster.
A Total right-off.

They now have to force feed huge sections of the community with crack cocaine, and vasrios addiction and containment programns,mind programs, to keep the, armageddon flashback away, even in the school playground.
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