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Are we going mad or what.Has not anyone bought this incrediculous fact out into the open. The western world goverments laying down a compulsory new age world religion, from their politicians?Nullifying the secular and the worldly.Scientists shouting Ureka because they are getting the science advanced?
Whose going to take care of our work for food, and worldly things/
We are told to go on the incomes support and press paper buttons and do paper work,with no meaning, as a food earning substitute? Simplifying everything to a single formula, and defeating the object of living and existing from designer birth to ill-designed extinction?

It has always been a golden rule that religions are only allowed to operate, without getting involved in world affairs and politics.
They have introduced armeggedon genecides to the past so called "irrational" religions and cultures.A maniacal religious/new science program for the
perfect race and society for compulsory acceptance for all nations under world goverment.
A race of computer designer/couched potatoe silicon chips with no meaning, living on the promise that all can be delivered. Whilst the truth of the matter os that all is lost and there is nothing left to win exept machines and machine24/7 operators. This is their view of utopia , that all should sit inawe and wonder of their discvoveries.
They have lost the meaning to life long ago and are pseudo-religious-maniac-false-prophets.

What we talking about here is a "other world" world rule and power. This means nothing less than the genocide of the entire human race, by the world goverments.
By definition it should be a "this world" world power.
Science is coming from the "otherside", it is no longer a adding up of material matters of our everyday world.
Not confined to an acdemic fculty as it should be,but implimenting it as a system of goverment.

The college kids have madfe a sick balls up out of their book worm jumped up status.
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