ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Is Jesus Christ The Real Antichrist?

There was a conection between everyone in all comunties in those days because life was still in tact So his work and story was delivered through the "media" of his day,inacted in a way like similar in effect to the actors and travelling stages in Shakespears time, and our modern media has updated to records and TV etc,for arts and such work to be delivered in a modern day format.But these were the available ways of the past.An album, you might say.He added up lifes natural sums acurately and delivered the formula.He was notg giving anything away, paridise ,salvation,the kingdom of god or the promised land.He was in fact delivering death.A path of natural suicide.The arguement aginst his solution would be a path that killed, or delivered homicide, but what could possibly be the target for a media album that delivered a natural homicide sum.There is not one that makes sense, except theAntichrist idea, that delivers the ideology to kill everyone.The entire human race.This is the only other possible nature sum that can equal an mathematical nature answer, to contradict his winning arguement.Not a viable piece of art work to deliver on the media stage.
He was not entirely contradictory to the Antichrist story, he was no different.If one takes and applies his logical arguement ,all would be dead anyway, by a voluntary suicide.Lemmings? Lambs as opposed to wolf?

What could be the reasson that the human race universely supports therejectio of life?With its exultation of religions , for the last many thousand years?
Is it in recognition that even 2000 years ago life was defunct?Extinct?In its nature , and the working out is so universally recognized towards this extinction?
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