ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

One Bite of The Cherry

This is not good news and requires a coverup.
Time incarnations are at an end when the marriage breaks down.There is no such thing as a second chance.Well adjusted minds are capable of a life.A time incarnation and reproduction to further the familly line.This is their purpose for us.The species.This is what it is about,what society tries to deliver.These are the politics.Others contribute differently who dont partner.This is their purpose.
We are born into time,but early damage to our natural psychology disorders us into a psycholgy outside this time.Therefore a chance of advancement is lost and another reason is needed.People will not accept the truth,but many are not fit for parenting and marriage.Those that are fit,can be unsuccessful if the marriage fails.Their life purpose becomes unsuccessful.
The result is that society has unsuccessful breeding partners filling the vaccuum and delivering a population that is, distructive and non sustainable or viable. It has no future or purpose.It has failed to continue its familly,the purpose of the species..These are spirits and poltergeist.Outside of a time incarnation.
Reincarnations outside of time are not real reincarnations or chances in life.

The point of the article is that those couples whose pair bond break down have no second chance,of another pair bond in time,which is contrary to popular belief,expectations and information that is delivered to us.Our DNA dictates these are lifelong bonds.There is only one bite of the cherry for our species,unless we alter the genetic information.
The ancient barbaric practice by hindhus in India of suttee(sati) reflects this genetic but suttee was supposed to be only in connection to the death of the husband,but was practised also in other circumstances.The loss of a partner is a psychological death, to a male as well as a female.It can be a spiritual death.

In terms of our orginal nature, and evolution it is also important as direction for a correct path in life,because we are not a viable species otherwise.The forces of nature outside time causes damage and destruction to ourselves and others.
People do continue to live outside of time,which can be destructive and lead to misfortune,for themselves their children and others.It propogates an ever worsenning future.Incarnations need to be within time for a safe path.People do reject being prisoners of time if given a free choice.This is the price we pay for our modern politics.We have no checks and balances,it seems.We can expect a come back some time in the future,though.
Society in general lies about this information and dictates from governement down a false road road and guidance for a society that is already beyond salvation.

We cannot process the information outside Time.Can you give a rapid answer to the question of Infinity? Eternity? Life? Death? The answer is no.We cannot live outside time.Original nature is not available to us until we have the knowledge gained from advancement within the safe path of time.
We are dealing with spiritual liars who claim otherwise, beacuse they cannot return to the world of death after drug use or other crime etc.They are instant gratification merchants who want original nature now.They will not wait.These are mostly fallen angels,maybe from heaven,society is full of them.They are mostly involved with religions because they are blind.The road to Hell is pathed with good intentions.This is a lesson to learn in our time.
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