ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Major World Religions

The major world religions are correct in their spirtual information although some has been altered by secular rulers as you see with the bible.Not much of this information is put to proper use, but mosly corrupted for gain.
With the huge ammounts of texts that are available in for instance budhist and hindhu literature,most things can be learnt.The right application, path, waysof living.As opposed to shortcut religions and cults which are very unsafe.Nature is a powerful force and correct information can blow up in your face in a big way,
Therefore we have always had to had pull our punches with a diluted version of religion and god.
It is questionable,if any religion will deliver in the enviroment that we have,Just knowledge gained through experience,is likely to work.
But the big questions are answered, looking at the Bagahavad Gita for instance, it does empahasise the inner world ,techniques and yogas,to turn the eye inwards.The information is correct in so many of the religions, but a person is not going to know that except in hindsight, meaning it would likely to be too late.
It is a guide book to the overall holistic formula that we are born into, and die.It is not nessarilly the truth, more like a an equation thrown at us that we are compelled to solve, whether we like it or not.

A utopian society, an enlightenned civilization, even the model of civilization itself is complete and utter nonesense and rubbish,It is not possible.The Christian ideal and promise, the church doctrine, especially the catholic society is rubbish The Church itself is nonesense and rubbish in its manifesto to build an enlightenned and spiritually lawful society.It cannot impose religious doctrine on a secular population.This goes for a secular civilization.It just isnt possible.only voluntary study can deliver to change oneself, for the exceptional person,who rejects secular life, in favour of changing himself.This is a nature fact.It has been a huge mistake to try to change the world,to falsify a new age that doesnt exist and never will.The do-gooder idiots from social worker departments have made a balls up, not only now but for a long time.
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