ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

The Fallen Angel

So many people are concerned with this in the last 30 years or so, especially with the education arrived at by the psychiatric state forensic politics.Known as satan or the devil before this, but becoming neccessary to describe the modern fallen angel victims of the drug culture particularly,equated with dangerousness and schizophrenia if not terrorism and other diagnosis.Fallen superstars etc.
It is true that like my self those of so many my generation are in this catorgory.
Highest heavens are attained by use of drugs and cult religions,known as machine messiah in my days,but the problem has accellerated since then.It is now so bad, the situation hase to be concealed to prevent shock reactions to vulnerabe people.The picture extends much futrher than the modern western drug cultures.Cult religions world wide have been taken short cuts to spiritual realms that have produced the fallen angel collection ofcrimes which we have heard about.Perhaps worse.
We think of this as a human problem.It could occur in other species, ET etc.
The point this article would like to make is that through internet disclosures information has been delivered that says off planet activity has been going on for many years which could be described as occult and cult religious activities and beliefs that have partnered up with ET entities.It seems similar logic follows to the patterns we already are familliar with.It comes on top at some satge and the fallen angel happenneninmg occurs,I am told,in biblical proprtions.So we know what to expect when religious communities toppple.This is important to take note of in Arab abd Eastern societies for instance,they are not as innocent as some make out with the onset of conflict in moderen times, but also,little knownto most,is the scale of this disaster offplanet, where societies and colonies have existed in the last 40 years.Including the moon and Mars etc.The article I read disclosing these thing pointed at illuminati, 4th Reich , the secret space program workers etc. Also some non human spirirual fallen entities.It claimed the non human fallen creatures where undescribaby bad news horrifying and that we would desperatley need salvation and protection from them.Some references made to biblical similarities also.He advocated Jesus Christ as our only saviour from this.

I dont know if it is worth writing this, but in short beware of occult practices, because the whole world is being attacked by these forces, and nothing less than death will result if it finds you ,but possibly worse.It predicts bad news ahead.
The reason is clear why the state has launched a full scale war on this.With the powereful weapons that are now in existance the stakes are high to win the game.In many peoples opinion they have mad disasterous mistakes.As we know,the state is riddled with fallen angels and we are only defended by Artificial Inteligence.
Governments have always pretended to be secular, a good force for the benefit of the people, with a some Christian principals thrown in etc.but this is not so.
The truth is thet these occult forces have always controlled governments and the devesting destruction and wars throughout history are the result of this..Nature never has been nor ever will be the sole property of human beings.The legends like the fall of Atlantis etc are probably true and similar stories are coming to light about destructions elswhere in the solar system.The weaponry we have now is enough to destroy us and it is obviously not safe.Also not safe for other lifeforms besides ourselves.
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