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Darwinsim, Inteligent Design. Is The Bible Simply A Psycholgy Manual ?

There is a school of thought that the bible is simply a book of psychiatry and psycholgy equivalant to our modern psychology books.That we are born into the modern garden of eden until our eyes open in adulthood and partake of the tree of knowledge and the tree of life.That the whole thing is a discription of our psychology,is what is being said, it should be upodated to refelect its meaning in the modern day,with modern terminolgy,which is true.But what it is not saying is that we are born with original sin,They are making the assumption that we are born innocent and without original sin.If we rearange the meaning and arithmetic of"originl sin" to a "state of knowledge",then they would be contradicting the timeline of the bible which is saying that we are evolving to a state of knowledge though a process of reincarnations in time.Also they would not be accepting the bible as an accurate historical record predcting our future from the standpoint of our original nature through time.They would not be accepting the influence of then "gods"in human evolution.They would be only accepting the "self".This is acceptable by many and self realization is also defined as the meaning of religion.To take this arguement further we could look at the Budhist point of view,who are the highest advocates of "the self" and self realization.The Budha is non committal on the question as to whether or not there is a god.Inteligent design or Darwinism is still the unanswered question.Natural evolution or not?.Is there a god?
Darwinism or natural evolution is critical to our New World Scientific credibillty and the arguement has been raging for a long time.It is now coming to a head.Science is now saying that our dna has been inteligently coded arguing for inteligent design against Darwinism.Other information has been added to their data bases to futher the understanding of our biology and dna.This could be the reason other arguements are being put forward to surport natual evolution, in case a a failure occurs with our current scientific position,because it is essential that they support natural evolution.Thye now say two forms of evolution exist for a species.One is by a creator and the other is by natural means.They say we are by a creator.They are therefore saying we are created by ET,s.They are not going to accept that God created the universe etc.or us and our earth.
Therefore the arguement is still unresolved.As in the many universe theory,they are simply moving the goalposts every time the atheistic arguement is defeated.

If science is now officially conceding to inteligent design,(I am not sure if this has become the position),then it will be saying that this integent design is not God,but ET.As to the quetion of where do they com efrom it is passing the ball back again to say these are created by natural evolution,(Darwinism).
So it is exactly the same standpoint as before on the question of God the creator.They will favour a scientific arguement that there is no God, only science.They are at root saying we are not created but evolve through natural selection.They have no means to explain the creation of life and the universe out of nothing with our current understanding of science.
But it is still a stalemate.It is not conclusive or proven in either direction.It takes a leap of faith to establish either belief.
Maybe "The Unkown" is going to have to be here for much longer.

My own personal point of view is that we have insuficent understanding of the nature of reality and its many dimensions,(spacial and other).
Pure inteligence can exist at higher dimensional levels and creation can occur spontaneously.Nature creates itself.Nature is God.Inteligence is built in.
Therefore my conclusion to the arguement of Darwinsim or inteligent design is that we create ourselves.Als0 that we have the abillty to create life ourselves.
This is an approximation to Budhism.
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