ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Work Ethics.

In genesis it describes the out come of leaving the garden.Hard work and labour.With Cain and Abel it says the work,in this case,producing food.Written into the pages it is saying that we have to provide our own needs.But it also states that if work was neglected "death and sin lie at the door".If the meaning of work is looked into, it seems Abel, for instance,cared for the sheep.It is known that these shepherds in ancient time would live on the mountains and hills etc,fending off attacks by wolves etc on the sheep.It was a full commitment.Tilling the ground may have also been a full time comitment.If this is what work was about and the meaning,it can affect our modern day views on worklife.Is this the way it should be? Is this what we should do.? The Hindu bible also says similarly.
Summing up it says that work is neccessary and corect for two reasons,spiritual and material.It would be death otherwise by two factors.
The type of work is relevant as well.
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