ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Critisms of Christianity

Critisism of the new testament is not hard up for ammunition.This Christian religion formulated by the Romans approximately 300 years after the death of Jesus,is known to have used only 4 gospels out of the possible many that existed and some of the 4 authors were not even witness to the Christ.There additionally have been found other writings and texts that add a great deal of information that is omitted from the new testament.The Gnostic scriptures being one source of information that suggest Mary Magdalene was indeed the lover vof Jesus.That she was the prime diciple, had the biggest ministry and church after his death.Also the gospels of Thomas,Magdalene and many others have been ommitted.It is known then that the Romans cherry picked the content of the gospels.A great deal of information was ommitted about jesus.In view of the fact that most of his life is documented as "missing years", how can it be considerred exceptable to give an account of his life as a teaching ? The Dead Sea Scrolls are dynamite and remain under armed guard in Israel.The contents are deemed above top secret.It is now known that other reliable texts have surfaced that give a detailed account of alien and ET activity and also interaction for many thousands of years.The Essenes gospel,a totally differant teaching with a Jesus, with no resemblance to the one we know.The Vatican who consider themselves the guardiuan of this Christian knowledge are now known to be heavilly involved with alien technology and ET interactions stretiching back to their beginning.Libraries and artifacts and technology from ET that can deliverv world shaking power to their owners,is known to be in Vatican possession.The full truth has never been revealed as to what religion is about, and part of this is because, as in Hitlers day, knowledge and possession of this ET knowledge and technology guarantees world power and domination to its owners.The whole second world war was about the collecting of this technology. Wars today and in the past are likewise have been for the same reason.This has never been known.It is very likely that power in days of old may have ben established by conquest of other empires or civilization through beliefs and religions.This could explain the mechanics behind a falsification of a "Christianity",conceived to achieve this end, a of gigantic metaphysical fairytale of genius proportions.

But in spite of this massive attack on Christianity and the New Testament,the gospels are so powerful that they can survive to deliver an absolutely astounding metaphysical and spiritual story that is beyond the genius of what has prevously been encountered or known.Additionally,this has continued for 2000 years.It is a book that cannot be written.It is unexplainable,to every other religious or metaphysical master.How it gets awy with it,god only knows.It may be simply a fairy tale.No one knows
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