a Look at drug psychology

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 Religion.The Cannabis mind. 

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They say cannabis is not addictive yet when I was locked up at age 25 I spent the next 15 years craving for a smoke , very very badly  .If it wasnt for this detention, I would not have been able to withdraw from  drugs.So psychological addiction is seen to be worse than physical addiction.What does it do.It delivers God.Utopia.Very ,very addictive, to the extent that one cannot live without it. It expands the mind and eventually activates the Christ Mind.I am told there are two other enlightened mind states, The Furer Mind, and The Judge Mind.All three utopian states. This is what genuine religion does too, whereby eventually one has to depart from the wheel of becoming into the other world, As all christs, budhas and yogis have shown.So at the best of times it delivers death. So what becomes of the drug user with its less qualified drug cult religion. ?Its machine messiah? With me, even 16 years in a lunatic asylum, still doesn't put back into  the self same space it came out of,so it is a total right-off ,taking drugs, and a liability that needs adrressing in a very serious way.Its three posibble mind states, which are architected, by drug use (alien minds),are unstable and out of control. There is a requirement for death, but not only death,There is aslo a requirement to kill. This is unavoidable for the Christ minds that have been attained by drug user.It is unavoidable by Alien minds. And therefore dangerous to itself and others.It is also untreatable.( A psychopathic disorder).Higher states of mind are legitimate if attained without drugs, even a furers mind ( an antichrist mind)..Naturally. superpowerfull drugs are even worse,Much more dangerous.( crack cocaine.) This is why in China ,they are executed.  

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