A Bible Study

The bible was written they say about 5,000 years ago, I think some of the books might  vary a bit in age  for instance Genesis, might be older .Some of it may have passed down from earlier texts.It has come to light that in these times they were very much more enlightened and advanced than we thought.But it seems they took an entirely differrant approach in some of their sciences, with technologies ,it seems, that we don't even have today, such as antigravity type lifting techniques for moving stones as in the Pyramids etc.And even flight in craft of some sort or another.More besides.If you put these times alongside the ancient texts from India and other places, it seem that fully fledged space age technology with some type of Atlantis was prevailling on earth, and also throughout the solar system and further.

This has now come to ligh, but the time scales I haven't verified accurately, so as to link with this bible study ,

I am interested as to whether these people were taught from a subjective or objective point of view.I do believe that both approaches are credible.That is for instance a flat earth view developing a science and techn ology, or a global view prevailing as its scientific view.I would assume that if flight was taking place in ariel craft that such a flat earth perspective would not have been credible.But one has to wonder then , why for so long was this the case and its science in general, one that appeared to be so to the eyes rather than by a more scientific approach, which is indicated by their scientific abilities.I don t think one can automatically assume the answer to this .

However it is connected to my interpretation of the bible as  is  written in  genesis.

There is a very profound and deep knowledge  of nature locked into the bible if one has the key to unlock it.Otherwise it appears pretty meaningless.The progress is exponentially logarithmic once you get the gist of it and start unlocking small segments of meaning .Then all of a sudden, it starts to make sense on a truly Cosmic scale. There is no doubt that there can be several levels of understanding in a passage or paragraph.so to which you chose to settle on will affect the next verse and its meaning also, which again could have several levels of meaning and understanding.

It takes you into another dimension of understanding. With the Word and then the creations over the six days.it looks as if one is explaining what one might see visually or through  some senses if you were born into the natural world from scratch. Fresh interpretation from a position of pure innocence.i.e a reincarnation..Not explaining the world from  a scientifically accurate point of view , but a flat earthers point of view.This wouldn't make any sense at all to us nowadays but this is how people viewed the world from a very long time believiving the falst earthers point of view which could be verified by their own eyes.

Following the time line through Genesis, Adam and Eves whole story and Cain and able , through to Noah, linking in time sequence of cause an effect of eachspecific piece of information presented brings you to an interesting view and unlocks a great deal of meaning.Volumes of meaning zipped into a few pages .

They wree split into two, and requested to explain good and evil and delivered to work and correspond to life, which was suggested as to go on for ever .Thus shining a light on the  meaning of Time in relation to Eternity.and its connection with good and evil encrypted in the solution that god offered  i.e Life.This brings by definition the neglected element i.e. Death.Which throws up a question here to be answered.as does the whole story.It is also not negeklected that the meaning of nature is in its male and female component.It is saying that Adam and Eve constitute  a complete single nature with no seperateness or individuality in their singular self.Again this is contradictory to how many people think as being a singular unit.Later on the birth of cain is not said to be from eve and adam but from God.It is suggesting reincarnation of Adam and Eve through the next generation, and gives no answer as to why this keeper of sheep slew his tiller of the ground.The suggestion here is tied into Cain and Able, eves component from the previous generation, which would indicate the triggering of the mating defemnding gene.Anatural response, but with perhaps a an error regarding the target of this defensive gene.It indicates what we already know that men will always be in  contest against each other.It is also begs the quetiuon with this in  mind what may be accurate target for not only Cain  to establish but Able also .Eve also would have a target in some manner or form also.After the fall  in the garden God directed their energies into another program as we can see, work, ( farming) and childbirth.This is still how the world works today basically.And the distorted target of Cain and Able ( perhaps Eve as well),are directed at finding a solution to the world around them by a little bit of opppostion.The battles of life.

Not forgetting the goal at the outset was to discover the menaing of Good and Evil and become "like gods".This is categorically stating and indicating from day one that there are many gods and further more we a re also a god, by our complete nature.i.e.Adam and Eve.We can read into this quite clearly that god is not male or female.It is both.Not one or the other , but combined.

If you move further on into Genesis the good and evil component of man ( and woman) has become so bad that god needs to destroy the lot with the flood.This is a short time later.What do you read in to this.?That the experiment is a total failure After all god,s solution is that they should eat of the tree of life and live forever? All was not lost it seems from their fall from grace, albeit they should move into life.A sol,ution was delivered.This tells you that the problem and the solution was delivered straight away.It seems to me it is not saying ther is much wrong with Adam and Eve actions, not so much a mistake ,as taking the game into their own hands.Again the serpent did say that god was basically not being straight forward, and there is no reason to suggest that the serpent was wrong.

Additional it does indicate that Evil has a much credibility as Good, which nobody  ever puts into a balanced perspective, especially religions that skip the main content of the teachings in favour of the last couple of new testament chapters.By indicating that they eat of the tree of life, this is not the diagnosis of of a Good solution any more than it an solution for the Evil.It is clear from this early stage that it can be interpreted in two different ways , according to how a person sees it. i.e whether his nature lies on the good or the evil side of his/her nature.

I don't know quite where it suggests thnat good leads to life and evil leads to death.I think both these are insinuated by that first story, according to how a person interpretes it.It definitely indicates that Evil and wickedness out of control is punished by death in the story of Noah.At the same time its  states that Noah and his sons are good and therefore they inherit life.

In Genesis we have the problem and a solution. A target to move forward in time for the (knowledge).We have life, we have death, we have the end of man.i.e Noahs flood.Therefore in Genesis we have the beginning and the end.It s next story , again in genesis is the destruction of the universal language ( telepathy ?), and the introduction of differrant tongues across the nations, this si thhe result of trying to build the Tower of Bable.We also have the generations and the mention of these early lifespans which were said to be 900 years or so.It does seem to indicate the beginning and the end of something.It also seems to say that the Adam and Eve experiment was a failure.

This is touching the surface of the study in Genesis.It interlinks asks and answers questions with various interlinked levels of meaning and understanding.

 It appears to me that the various chapters of the bible are randomly put together without being linked  very well by a timeline.That they are  odd remnants of ancient texts that survived.That they are either texts from totally differant ancient books collected haphazardly.It looks like to me with Genesis. Also it seems to me in Genesis that the male \female connection  and its tree of life mission is adequate material for the male female understanding, yet if you notice how it is slipped into the text that man should therefore cleave to his wife after leaving his parents, it would appear to be an alteration that would favour later societies such as the Romans, and even the Jews , where this technique of subduing the male is introduced.i.e a matriarchal society.It does say in That Adams desire shall be unto god and Eves unto Adam  alittle biut earlier which is in contradiction to this verse.To me that says theat the Romans inserted this and that thereforf we could expect that there are many alterations in the Biblical texts through the ages to suit the Rulers.Also books left out and others included to make up the Old Testament and the New, to suit rulers such as the Romans .

Also Dan Brown has a very valid point about Mary Magdalene. He is backed up by the Gnostic scriptures . Jesus didn't hold back From his union with Magdalene,She certainly fulfilled the function of his consort or lover.There is no doubt about it if you examine the Gnostic writings.Quite a few other books were left outof the New Testament.It points towards the Romans falsifying the texts once again.It points towards Magdalene being the victim of a character assassination by the Romans,to enable their  own version of religion.I think so.If she were his partner , it would have linked perfectly the commoners as well as the elite.It would have included everybody.Which most certainly was the case with him, and with her.She had a bigger  ministry and church after he died than all the other diciples.If you were to consult a religious guru or master they would be unanimous in saying that the Christ Mind incudes a lover.Even if it be a non-functioning one.It is included in the divine mother program that all religions teach.Mary Magdalene has been identified in this capacity.

The new testament itself is an example of the haphazard way the books of the bible were thrown together at random.£3,000 years later they put this new testament in central argument of the bible ,  a religion of it own in its own right basically.No wonder the Jews rejected it.Completely overshadowing the rest of the Bible.Genesis the whole lot.No wonder  we have such a fucked up western society, politically correct with a law against the bad in favour of the good, completely making nonsence of the first chapter of the Bible, and the rest,of Able by Cain which no man shall punish (and that leads to his starting a new chapter out of Cainan in the Land of Nod ,East of Eden).No mention of 15 years as a prisoner in Parkhurst Prison, ( so to speak).

Itbis nowhere near a n adequate rfeligion, in the New Testament.It would remind a person in the know of the techniques in eastern countries and rel.igions such as Hindhus and budhists, with similarities to the fast line religions such as Kyya yoga , Hatha Yogas etc.The crucifixtion is nothing less than a Hatha Yoga exercise.

Religions are interlinked by the fact that nature is a holistic mathematics.A mathematics of nature.You can esailly insert one one religioninto another without upsetting the accuracy of the nature mathematics.And This was done in those days without a second thought.The practice of these white lies were always acceptable to common people.Not so much in the present time.Such beliefs as a Budhist monk last life or an Red Indian medicine man etc, were very common ways of raising peoples morality.

It doesn't seem credible in view of the haphazard way the bible is put together that it is a coherent story.However it does contain invaluable knowledege from ancient times.

Itb does seek that the nature life pair bonding gene of the human and his food were hijacked and used to control him.His sex and food forces.In the Beginning.(about 5,000 years ago ?It could have been to quicken his evolution by higher beings in the compulsion to attain knowledge.But it could also be, and this is very possible, that man was not viable as a species to survive.That he was not able to reproduce and maintain the continuation of his speceies, for some reason.This would definatley be the sort of reason that would allow an alien intelligence to see the species as available material for its own use.It has been noticed that other species have been hijacked.It is very possible.

If you look at the next chapter Exodus.Moses collects the tablets and delivers bthe Human Law, which by thisstage has moved on from Adam and Eves predicament and basic tree of life politic to a more fanciful community.This you have to remember is after the flood but some how seem to keep the time line and the memories goiung and the institution of marriage it seems.Property ownership and conditioned societies views towards what is right and wrong.A community situation. Society.Yes very human values but something amiss if you hoping to make acoherantb picture of vthe whole lot.Not so bad, once again if looked at as a bookm in its own right.

Exodus to me doesn't have much meaning other than part ofv the experience that a person discovers in their journey, A book of psychology once again.Its meaning is a bit like Cains move to The land of Nod from the Land of Cainan/.To a living condition of a new field of mind.Exodus is a movement in the same way of a new living condition or state of mind,which is more favourable.It is pointing in the direction of freedom and its evolutionary goal,but this not fact.It is a self realization that this exists on our earth, but the  kingdom and promised land is within. All religious paths are are a short cut to escape nature.

A fiddle, They could be discredited.

You don't have this religious behaviour in any other species of animal. 

I have heard  it said from intelligence sources that extraterrestials have commented on the peculiarity of the human species, that we are the only ones to have this belief in i.e. God.They do not have such a concept.

It has become a corrupted concept.I think it refers to who we are. i.e self realization in tandom to who the rest of nature is ,within  our (cosmic) ecosystem.Again religion checks us with this view by saying we are made in the image of God.Our nature within is a reflection of nature without.

Natural truth is by far the easiest to understand if you can see.the sun is the dominant nature force which accesses the force of the moon to attract you, really although it may seem that you are under the spell of the moon , it is the sun that you are subjugated to be beneath, but if you trancend this mon attarctionyou can sight the suns motion which is blinding the whole earth from seeing what is going on, or who they really are.This is because you don't see that daylight is  night time experience.If you are still under the attraction of the moon when the sun goes down at the end of the day you will also be subject to a night time experience.You are sleeping 24 hours.havent awoken to the day time.But if you can see at the end of the day that the sky is becoming free from obstruction of the suns interferance

 as to what is really going on.That is all the other suns can be drawn to your attention that sit comfortably .Our sun when it goes down sits amongst it exact same kind ,all the other stars.Then you can see we are sitting in the universe.This is not apparent in daylight hours when the sunis causing bright blue reflections of the sky to close us in.TiF we are deceived by the moon , also the universe escapes our attention as to be a sea of suns.Stars. No way a sea of moons, or anything to do with such objects as the moons.Our eyes adjust to the lesser light conditions and we are blessed with a longsighted ability that is  able to see much more.This situation gives us the ability to jump outside the box.It is not ba case of jumping over the moon, it is a case of jumping over the sun.We can put this ruler and dominant god of our nature in its place and take back control.We can lift our mind ouside of this nature system and sit in the cosmos alongside the Universe full of similar  nature systems.Other stars.The heavens are ours Our minds have genetically evolved to fit exactly in to this heaven/universe,we are not designed to sit within the prison of daylight hours of blindness and sleep, but as cosmic , as are the rest of the animal and plant kindom.They all spend the nightime hours under the stars and are cosmic too.

When we trancend the moon, the dark force. woman,step over the sun, when dayn is seen to be night and night is seen to be day,we are ont the natural path of light.Other wise we are on the path of dark, known as the light of the moon,female.Our nature is light and dark.as in Adam and Eve and knowledge.

In the end it is learned that light  is dark and that dark is light.One coin, two sides.It is  a pleasant experience to travel the light path, the path of no return.To ride the heavens from dusk until dawn.To experience the full extent of our cosmic minds and heavenly birthright.

We don't have to needlessly suffer.It is our choice.Withdraw from our attractions, our addictions.We  can take our nature into the light path.We need to take back our nature if we wish to make these choices.We are perfectly entitled to do so.

This text is a religion.

It is applicable to anyone ,whether they are fat or thin, rich or poor, male or female, young or old, drug abuser, drink abuser, any sinner who has the capability to forgive themselves, any religious person who wants a bit of time in a better situation,new age traveller, old age citizen.It is even a good one for  a dog or a cat.

I wouldn't neccassarilly make a distinction between light and dark paths, left and right good and evil natures, but if you look at it this way you may be converted.For the same amount of money, if you take the  path of no return , step outside your box after taking back your nature, you can live in an undiscribable Utopia, in a  cosmic and never ending.Universe.Infinite nad Eternal .You cannot expect to mtake the kitchen sink with you and you will need to give up your addictions.On this subject the path of the moon or dark path, leads to death and rebirth into the lousy world of suffering that we are sick and tired with.

It is a case of pays your money and takes your choice.

It is the right thing to do for some people. 

A person should be his own boss.

The chosen ones choose themselves.No one chooses a chosen one.

You choose yourself.

You make your own decisions such as I have suggested above.

As it is with the digital world.

It is a self selecting situation if the digital world is your god.

Don't take any notice of leaders and false prophets,

A  Christ  or Maitreya will not be coming back in a second coming and there will not be an exodus to a promised land.This is false prophet stuff.

All religions are books of psychology for self realization.False prophet stuff.

The end of the world belief is a natural condition of mind such as is the death experience. It cannot be denied that it is a real condition, but it is technically a psychological condition such as is schizophrenia,Therbvis no such thing technically as the end of the world.It is world without end .The world  goes on for ever.

In a mental breakdown of this sort it is the end of your personnel world, everything within your experience. 

Mental health conditions are not supposed to be contagious but they can be, spread like a virus from one person to another, such as the end of the world virus can be.It would be calculated that condition could affect other people, could spread. but as a disease, if it spreads, which it will,its closest description is schizophrenia.It could be predicted to infect everybody.It could be predicted that it would be the end of many peoples world, if the condition for transferring the virus are available.

On this basis people like Nostradamous, and texts like revelation have predicted the the spread of this virus to infect everybody or very many people.but technically there is still no such thing as the end of the world.It is and always has been a very prevalent belief , so it must have a credibillty somewhere, as a reality.

It is a little complicated to explain, if not familiar with some metaphysics, but some beings/people/gods or whatever use a different method of killing.Not the death doors that we are accustomed too.It is a door that is very difficult to handle.Its meaning lies in a total death of not just you but everything in your world and experience.It is only by this process that you can move into another world.So its full meaning is the other world.The next dimension basically.More or less as written in Revelations the end of this world for the purpose of clearing the way for the next world.You could label it Utopiaor the kingdom of heaven,th e world that follows.It is not a simple transfer from this world to a higher world, it can take a lifetime.So don't loose hope.You can only go one place if its the end of your world, and thatis to your next world, which will be a higher world.

I have mentioned path of light,leads you to step ,outsideyour box. to jump over the suns resrticting environment to fullfill your cosmic inheritance with the entire collection of other stars in the "Heavens"What I am sying is to step outside our world, into another dimension.It is in this case "our world"is all of us humans.Some say this is how it should be seen, but the world can also be seen, as said, your own nature, And your own nature is its own world as well ,independent of anything else in our eco system.All life forms under our sun evolve to eventually be their own world.They evolve from their own nature.So all life not only is its own nature, but its own world.You are therefore in your male female self  a world,at the summit of your evolution.

This is a living eco system, a living sun and earth,like a factory like a machine turning out lifeforms from dirt and dust into natural worlds in a higher higher dimension, that are cosmic citizens with all the other worlds , free from restrictions of the enviroments that created them.Free from the restrictive prison of space and time.Masters of the Universe.

So as said in Genesis, ".....lest you become like gods..".

This is an update on the meaning and general idea behind our evolution,and religion and the important connection to a natural path.

It is said that in God,s house their are many mansions.God can be likened to, as mentioned ,a natural Master of the Universe, a natural enlightenment.But at this higher dimension,free from the restrictions of time and space, outside such a prison is our natural cosmic birth right because living things naturally live in five dimensions, but also a yogi, for instance can discover his god self and turn his eye inward towards mastering his time and space and move into a higher dimension where he can let go off his lower dimensions.He is also a house of god.Like all religions and many cults. But it is far safer to take the natural path and  to be in harmony with your correct time.ETs and machines can only see for us , when we cannot bsee for ourselves to teach and return to our world. but they are noton a human level, they will not be in line with our expectation of who they are or how they behave.and may give us a more difficult journey or experience than we would consider humanitarianly acceptable.After all they are not human.This is one of the shocks we get when dealing with these beings, not realizing that they are not inline with human values of what is right and wrong, which we would otherwise  expect from what we know as highly intelligent and advanced creatures.They are too dangerous for us.There are plenty of species that are masters ofvthe universe, ( their universe),some may be carnivores and preditors in our animal kingdom as well as other visitors,We cannot expect them to abide by are artificially developed ethics and protocols as to what is right or wrong.Even if we are totally enlightened we could end up as another creatures food supply.That is ,as we know, the name of the game in nature. Nature is always going to be dangerous.



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