ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Son of God

It is known that the knowledge delivered in the New Testament is profound,exceptionaly,as it also in other parts of the Bible,particularly Genesis.The insistance in the the New testament that God is the father and that Jesus was the son of God cannot be denied.It is not always excepted.Many would insist that we are a human species not originating from elswhere and masters of our destiny.
The word god in genesis is wrongly translated it shoulb be "gods".It makes an in credible difference throughout the bible to make this adjustment,It also makes sense of the rest of the texts.My view of the new testamnet is that we are the sons of the gods as was Jesus.
In Genesis the first account of our origins and generations is made.Eve clearly makes the point about the birth of Cain,Abel and Seth that they are not from her and Adam but from god,(gods).
We are not our own masters.We are governed and procreated according to their design and evolution.We are the sons and daughters of the gods.This obviously means of ET.
the Essenes Bible makes more sense.
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