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Creation and Evolution

It is crucial to New World Order to promote science as the truth and the new religion.It seems that the stumbling block to this arguement is in the theory of evolution and our creation, as well as creation in general.Informtion sugeats that that inteligent design is responsible for our creation and now two types of creation have been suggested.One is that a species evolves naturally and the other that some species are created by other inteligent species.Steven Meyer is the big noise it seems in the arguement and puts forward the idea that our DNA is coded by an inteligent mind.He is difficult to argue againgst.Many now accept that ET has engineered our genetics and this fits in with his theory.Therefore the two types of creation arguement can still uphold the ideas of scinece and that creation is still by a natural process.
Our DNA can be activated by our experience and our eniviroment as well as inherited characteristics,so experience can be stored genetically.This to me says that alien interferance with our DNA is of a type that teaches us by our enviromental factors,as well as mating selections, which are then incorporated into our genome.It does not necessarily mean that they interfere with our DNA directly.
My experience and study suuggests to me that there can be no other explanation to our creator than that we either created ourselves or are in the process of creating ourselves by our interaction with nature.i.e.growing within a mould,or an overall nature politic or template/blueprint.
This is not in agreement with Steven Meyers ideas,It not also not in line with science,but closer to it.It does not explain the original cause but does suggests a natural cause.A spontaneous origin cannot be ruled out,neither can the idea that a natural blueprint is written into realities dimensions.

Even scientists today can create matter if enough energy is available.We are on the verge of delivering the Unified Field Equation.
Therefore it would be right to say we could create Time,Space,Matter and Force if enough energy were available,(which it is).Therefore scientist would know we could create anything we wished to from this formula if we can develop the blueprint and access enough of the free energy.Therfore an inteligent scientist would aggree that the creation could have occurred in such a way if,the blueprint could be written out,at the stroke of a pen with this formula.The suggestion that creation was therefore created from a super-inteligent mind comes as a first thought as a very sound and likely possibility.The idea of God cerated evrything from a thought in his mind.This is what most people would insist upon in the light of the alternative theory,that this creation arose spontaneously.But it is far more likely that the universe was created sponteneously,in my opinion.Given the available information it seems to make more sense.There is no reason why it would need a God or Creator to trigger this event.It is also true that this 3 Dimensional physical universe could have been created by a being with a powerful mind.Even scientist couldnt rule out this possibility.But I would not agree that reality itself could have been.

When the full implications and power of the Unified Field Equation is understood the above will make sense.Without being aware of science at this level it is not easy to understand.
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