ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Dimensions Co-Exist

Quantum physics says that time and space laws within the atom are not the same as the laws odf 3D space as we know it and time.They are dealing with a different space dimension.There are dimensions of space beyond the 3D dimension that we know.Infinity we think about as a very very large ammount of space,no end and no beginning,but it is hard to comprehend in 3D terms.This is a higher space dimension with different laws.These are the dimensions within the atom.Infinity exists within the atom.It is not governed by 3D laws of physics, but higher laws.We know also that outer space is infinite,Therefore we know infinity is within and without.3 Dimensional space "sits" in another dimension of space.They co-exist together.There is no lock between these different dimensions.It is an open door.All dimensions co-exist without a lock or barrier that seperates them.They are a differing energy manifestation of one another.
The Universe we think of as being a physical 3D reality.Reality is a co-existance of many dimensions.Our quest is to describe the Physical Reality,not the rest of it.There is a difference.The Physical is a very minor part of reality.3D laws cannot describe reality,they are a product not a cause of the physical world.We are assuming that the product can define itself.We are thinking of it as a seperate entity,with its own determination and identity from the rest of reality.This physical dimension can define itself as with the unifed field theory.It can master itself.It can walk through its door into Infinity and Eternity.
The Universe fullfills the criteria neccessary to be defined as a Living Being.A living being is not seperate from other
dimensions (Nature).
To take the logic further if 3D the universe is a living being,other dimensions could be defined as a living being also and ultimately all of reality could be defined as a living being.
If dimensions do exist as living beings,then these beings are a product of that dimension but not a cause.There is no logical resason why Life should be confined to the physical existance,nor any reason why life cannot move through the open doors of one dimension and another.
It could easilly be said when the pieces are looked at that the creation of the physical Universe was an accident waiting to happen.
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