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Reincarnation and Life

Life is not without purpose.Nature exists outside time.We are born again within time.Because of this we are able to have a chance to process information.We cannot do this outside of time.This gives us a chance to evolve.Reincarnation into a life within time is not automatically guaranteed.Many are not reincarnated as a human and many are reincarnated into unfavourable conditions whereby they are not able to process information.i.e.disordered,we are born as ourself but mentally damaged at birth.Therefore the life cannot evolve further,(stillbirth?).We cannot be sure of a new chance in life.
This is an explanation of the secular,worldy arguement.We need this secular truth as well as the spiritual.
We need to work,we are not here for the beer.Death,(sin),"doth lieth at the door" but rebirth does not neccessarilly do so.

An important point to make about reincarnation to clear up misconceptions is that this is not a process that is done for you by God or a magical power.The mechanics of it are by nature and demand the work to accomplish a new life is done by yourself.In this afterlife "dimension", removal of world memories takes place to reassert the true self which now inhbits the spirit realms.When return to self is accomplished rebirth is possible.This can take a seemimngly long time or real long time,depending on how far the return to self has to go.Nature recycles according to oportunities available.As far as oportunities go, I do not know,as the budhists say maybe.Certainly Time plays a differnt role and spaces of heaven hell and purgatory are to be encountered.Eternity is your realm and some very unpleasnt eternities exist.The nature of hell is a fact,as is heaven.Some very anguishing and distressing states of mind for a few minutes can seem agonizingly long, never endingly.Time has to be conquored in these hells.2000 years in these states seemingly are experienced.
It is not too much differant to the Christian scripts, execpt that reincarnation is more likely than going to heaven.
Yes Heaven,Hell and Purgatory are real in this life and in the after life.Reincarnation is real as well.The more true to yourself your life is,the less distance you need to travel for rebirth into next life.
According to the Bible (Genesis),life and reincarnation are about gaining self knowledge by experience so as to evolve.

Reincarnation erases all the information input by your prior life but it does not remove the biological knowledge of yourself.You remain yourself,(or recover yourself).After being stripped of the previous experience ,"yourself","you", is carried over.Nothing else.No information is passed over to your new life. When born again you will unlock from your genes knowledge that you have previously gained when you come into contact with it once again.You will be interested in the things you do not already know rather than the things you already do know.This includes people.

Self knowledge is your nature knowledge,light and dark as expessed in the Adam and Eve knowledge.
This source code as expalined in genesis is a genius bit of work.Knowledge,it is simple.You dont need to know anything,(or everything if you eat of the tree,,..).

All religions offer a very attractive picture for those who conquor their time and space.Utopia,Paradise etc.Butbv many doubt whethervit is possible to become as godlike as a christ or a budha.It takes a long time and is not easy.There is no shortcut.

Mans quest to evolve is somewhat of misinformation.You start off with only yourself and you end up with only yourself.Nothing is gained and nothing is lost,except you have paid the price for your nature knowledge.For yourself.

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