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Cain and Abel versus Schizophrenia

Are we talking about an accident waiting to happen.? A grid-reference error.?
The answer is yes to the former,but outside time,not inside time.No to the latter.This is not schizophrenia.
The big issue is a question of targets.These are normally invented and utilized for societies reasons such as sports,armies,police etc.But what are the real targets? Is Cain correct.Yes.Both Cain and Abel are correct to kill one another.But outside time not within.So what are the correct targets that can avoid a diagnosis of schizophrenia ?
The target has to be located at the Original Sin virus between Adam and Eve.This is a knowledge virus and it is on everybody,s "computer".
It causes the computer to malfunction in the sense that it delivers blindness.This program can be corrected by a program that can see it is blind.He is therefore either under the control of those who can see,or those that can see they cannot see,either way with this program.It can then function within time.It cannot function outside time.If it can see it is blind,it is therefore not blind.
The main differnce between Schizophrenia and Cain and Abel is that the Schizophrenia cannot see itself processing information wrongly.
According to Murphy,s law, anything that can happen will happen and therefore it is understood there can be reasons people will kill.It is the reason or the target which will determine whether schizophreneia is the cause,or whether there is a reason,(such as defence). Blindness can deliver reasons due to ignorance.This can happen outside time and is diagnosed as being caused by a disorder.Dodgy sensory information is diagnosed as well,usually as schizophrenia.Therefore there is an emphasis on information accuracy.Most clinicians are now only process the information to make a diagnosis.
However if you go back to the the nature, the original nature and subconcious mind, you have a differant picture.The two examples are from outside time and within time.
Assuming the Original Sin virus,(knowledge virus) to be the cause,the correct target would for Adam would be Eve and Visa Versa.These are correct targets outside time.This is why they cannot live outside time,because they cannot process their information without threatenning one another.Original nature is programed outside time to kill itself,("kill" the physical,move in the next dimension).This is the quickening of our evolution.Life is on the other side.Original nature is designed to be able to dematerialize itself.This is the full evolution of its nature force.Dimensional travel.It is obvious that mans nature can be dangerous if it looses correct nature targets.Cain and Abel are targets,they should fight but they not kill each other,they should contain each other,arrive at correct knowledge.The real fight is yourself.To conquor your time/space.Your original nature.It will dematerialize at full strength,move into another dimension.Evolution by knowledge learned from our nature experience.
Within time they recognises they are blind to a correct target.Because Cain and Abel are a diffferant nature they can be brothers.Outside time it is a disorder waiting to happen. Abel is a target,but not Cain,s target.He is a target of his own nature.Cain not having knowledge cannot discern the difference and kills.This is an inexperienced person,not someone who can see.Ignorance in this case as opposed to schizophrenia.Lack of knowledge as opposed to an information-error target.
Nothing can be done about it as said in genesis.To correct Cains ignorance is not possible.This is the knowledge virus and it is in everybody.
We have been put into a higher dimension and it is there that the knowledge and the solution exist.
One thing is for sure, no-one has a correct target.All the war games that go on and violence are perpertrated by the blind as a the result of ignorance or disorders or schizophrenia.#
Men living outside time without knowledge will kill each other.War is an accident waiting to happen.
It is due to original loss of sight.

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