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Jesus.New Testament

The New testament was put together into the bible about 300 years after his supposed lifetime.By the Romans, basically, who had become converted. Four book were cherry picked out of the many contenders and writings that were available. Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.
It has to be said that there is no actual evidence that Jesus Christ existed.
His story is so metaphysically perfect that it is almost unbelievable, even by religious masters.There are people who claim it was ficticious.Created by the power of the pen.It relies on only one factor, from start to finish.Belief.
This in itself is extremely and profoundly clever.It would not make the slightest bit of difference in religious and metaphysical terms whether Jesus existed or not.It is only belief that is required.So therefore why not save all the trouble and expence, and simply create the whole story with the pen?It makes a lot of sense. It would take a quantum leap in intelligence to do that. But, isn't that what the gods are supposed to be ?

There is one more point to make here.We are talking about the most fundamental truth in the Bible when it comes to religion.The Gods,not God.Plural.Nowhere did Jesus expound this.He dictated One true God.The Father
This is false.
It does not address the male/female issue either, except by Mother Mary and possibly Mary Magdalene (if she was his lover).He gives us the possibillity of becoming as the gods, (genesis), by his example maybe, but where is the other side of the coin? The daughter of God.?
Are we supposed to follow the argument "the only begotten daughter of God the father" or ",,, God the Mother"? Or her crucification and triumph over death ?
Are we to make the assumption , referring back to genesis, that she is just a spare rib? or can only become as "the gods" by mother or lover-hood ?
It is trying to re-write religion and is contrary to Genesis and much of the rest of the Bible.
The New Testament was a Plant.So is the rest of it.
It is the winners who write the History Books.
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