ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Onto The Dimension Highways

Man is not ready yet to move onto the inter-dimensional highways.We has been evolving,they say,for 3 million years or so and may take another 3 million years to reach this point of evolution.Look logically at other species in our ecosystem.They have often been evolving in their current form for 60 million years or more.Look at green life.Trees have been evolving for 600 million years.Other advanced lifeforms give information sugesting that it takes a long time to evolve to this advanced level.We would have to conquor cosmic time and space.As a species we may not be successful.It does appear that many other species have better chances of survival than us.Insects for instance, green life, seem to have little chance of becoming extinct compared to us.
We know we are built withn this potential as are other lifeforms in nature.It may seemthat enlightment and evolution is avolantery situation and it is good that there is seen to be free will in nature.But this is not so.Nature compels us towards this end.It is written into the forces of (our) nature.
The technololgy we have may be capable of such, but we are not.Therefore we should not over rate our science and technology.It is not our own knowledge it is back engineered from ET sources.
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