ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

The Gods and God

Extraterrestials are responsible for this idea about God and the Gods. There are millions of them. Planets brimming full with Jesus Christ,s.Rhada-Krisnas, Budhas, God Almighty,s etc.
THey are all over the earth and always have been They know darned well, that wild animals, dogs, tigers, etc would rip them apart if they encountered them. So they are defensive, very much so.Most wary of all, perhaps against Man.They are much more intelligent Superior to us.They control nature subtly.They use us. Especially mankind.Ask yourself the question why there are no more wild creatures left roaming the earth? No native humans etc ?They have been exterminated by us , because we are being used by ET.and Et requires defence against them.
ET is a predator.It invented God,Religion. Religions sell death.It sells to Humans the idea of moving over to the "otherside".A bit like the drug trade.In other word it is bumping us off.It is selling death, and we are buying.This is for its defence, not for our benefit.It is mans last predator on earth.

Put it this way when we are talking about Religion.We are talking about us and our welfare. Also in the long run our evolution.We are talking about our nature on earth etc.Same as ET is.They are evolving and governing their nature.Genesis is a good knowledge and understanding of our nature.To escaping our nature, utopia, paradise is idea behind religions.
Look at the the animal kingdom.Does it worry about religion? Escaping nature. Getting to heaven and utopia.? Do it worry as to what will happen when they die ?
Religion is a human fabrication.No other species has this.Even species from other planets do not have this thing called God and religion.
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