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Blinded By The Light. Reincarnation.

Reincarnation is a life starting with a clean slate.It has no relationship with its previous lifetime.Events in previous life do not exist in the new lifetime..Spiritual knowledge gained in previous lives is carried over.Memories of loved ones and relatives and places do not exist.These stories that are put about to prove reincarnation are false.The new life does not retain information from its last life.All information is erased.But in terms of holistic knowledge and natural mathematics, he is born into the same "formula"of nature in every lifetime.
In correct technical terms when they declare that memories of former lifetimes return (as in the Bhagavad Gita),the meaning is the nature formula of its genetic environment.This means he remebers the knowledge of Male /female archtypes/psychologies such as /Mother/father/brother/sisters/children etc but particularly it means he recognises the Eco system ,earth and cosmic environment.You could say more accurately that his cosmic memory is transferred over.
so there is a lot of falose rubbishdelivered on the subject of reincarnation.
Nature,in terms of Mind, is basically a set of formulas.Holistic mathematics,Universal truths and concepts that remain the same throughout the cosmos and throughout time.People will call this spirtitual truths, but whatever they are recognised only to the extent that the rebirth has the spiritual age to see and recognize them..In otherwords holistic and cosmic, universal truths that are learned previously are carried over, and re-unlocked when he/she encounters them again.This is subconscious.Information details are not carried over.

We are born with universal knowledge etc which we should be able to access, but we also have a brain and a mind.We have a set of senses which collect information, for the brain to process,giving sight.Beliefs can develop according to the information that we sense, but is is only beliefs, until verified by the processing by the brain to deliver sightedness to this sensory information.When beliefs are accepted without being sighted, you get a different reality and this is where religions etc and cults flourish as well as most of the stuff in society.Belief is a very powerful system, but they does not add up correctly and will take you down a false path.One verse in the Hindhu Bible,the Bhagavad Gita, states that the religions are not supierior to sightedness.It says "What need does the sage who sees have for the scriptures?"
So a great deal of knowledge in the world that comes from beliefs, is fouling up "the computer".It should be looked at very discriminately.
It would be better to see beliefs as hypothesis,s.It does lead to a schizophrenia sometimes, Often in religion etc we get wars and justifications of bad stuff.in a mass schizophrenia.
We shouldn't really believe anything until we have seen it with our eyes.The king of all beliefs is just the three letter word God.Has any one arrived at a proof of this by seeing with their own eyes? The only support for this idea is to say god is written into nature and his creation is the evidence.
Maybe this blinds us by the light.?(that's what I say).
The only conclusion you can arrive at from this is that God is nature, the entire physical universe is his physical body or form.It can then be said you have seen god with your own eyes.But this is still debateable.
Religion is not backed up by information.Nature is.
It is difficult to say that there is not an intelligence behind the face of nature.
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