ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Genesis Is The Bible

Genesis is s a total knowledge.It is a complete book in itself and has a beginning and end within a short space. The creation Mans nature , the gods nature and the Path (Knowledge) good, evil and life and death.
It delivers the result of these early generations as a total disaster which needed to end in death by the flood.
From that it follows that the rest of the Bible books as it progresses a cannot succeed either.
Which indicates that it was the end on the experiment of quickening the evolution of man by the gods.It being subjected to slavery to build a civilization, just like earlier civilization were enslaved to work for the gods.What we have today is the logical out come of that enslavement program,No less a disaster than the Lost Atlantis, which also ended in a disaster.
If there is any connection with the other books leading up to the New Testament, I doubt, but it does seem that the New Testament, which is also a total book or religion in itself, with a path,may be an attempt to have another go at saving us.The nature of the argument of Jesus seems to be deliver the option of "a get-away-car" from the disaster area.Not exactly saving mankind, but delivering instructions to save yourself.
The reason for this is that there is no path for man on this earth.Et has taken control.Knocked out of our evolution.
The get-away-car idea of Jesus and yogis is not Human.There is no such thing as a get away.There is therefore no such thing as Jesus.
There is also no such thing as Civilization for Man half way through his evolution either.At The end of it there is.Those Alien species have a civilization we do not.Our world is an Alien organization, run by Aliens for Aliens.We get the tit-bits,the leftovers.
They don't care about us as long as they complete their agenda.They get rid of any evidence after they have finished, as we have seen with past human settlements.
There isn't anything we can do about it because they are the controllers of nature.
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