ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

The gods control mechanism

The gods control us through our food and sex force.They captured us this way.
In the past the farming and settlements initiated the gathering in settlements and this wasthe original smart grid that we had to report into everyday.The Ludites are an example of how the smart grid escalated and foretold the end.Now the smart grid has logically progressed to the digital chips/coputers , and now we have to clock in every day to this.We are controlled once again by our food and sex force.Through this smart system.Alien once again.The same formula has just been rearranged,simplified. Genesis to Smart phone.
If we couldnt escape from a small farming settlement in the distant past, when it was simple to do so, how can we escape the smart world of today.?its impossible.The reason is because even in that distant past we were being controlled by our sex and food force ,by the controller of nature,which cannot be overcome except by death.
Our nature life-pairbonding genetic make up has been hijacked.
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