ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Identify The Problem and Identify The Solution

To the initiated the original problem could be understood as Original Sin.
It is better to say the eating of the tree of knowledge and the subsequent lifetimes to attain knowledge through the tree of Life.
The intelgensia or enlightened ones , the wise men etc gather round to formulate solutions and metaphysical scriptural discourses etc.But to no avail.
The true short cut to conquer and overcome original sin, is not many lifetimes of enmity between Adam and Eve and repetitions of the original problem, going on forever.
It is forgiveness.But, not forgiveness of Eve by Adam, or Adam by Eve.There are areas of nature for which there is no forgiveness.
It is a trick that works when all other remedies fail, as they do in the deep end of life.
And that is forgiveness of yourself.
And that deserves Amen

The gods gave a solution also to "eating of the tree of knowledge"or "original sin" and that was to"eat of the tree of life and live forever".
Repeated life cycles by reincarnation,on the path of knowledge of good and evil.
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