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Dan Brown Question

Was Mary Magdalene Jesus lover.Yes.
It easy and natural to take Dan Brown as a sensationalist and a modernist.And tongue in cheek to his claim that this was the case.
Metaphysists and yogis, Budhists and\Hindus could never be happy with Christianity for its absence in this respect.Many thinkers and experienced people in life also think this must be possible, that Jesus was very natural and should have had a female prtner, as well as a mother.
There are quite a few strong arguments to suggest that Magdalene was Jesus lover.Firstly it would have suited the romans to create a religion in line with this view point, and they are known to have altered text to suit their system and cherry pick which books that were included in the new testament.
In holistic and natural mathematical terms and metaphysical, a spiritual nature would have had a lover.What the new testament is saying by exluding this point is that he was too highly evolved for this neccassity.But if this was the case he wouldntg have bee here in the world.You might as wellsay he had no need for mother father brothers and sisters.It would have seemed a bit abnormal and unnatural to go through life without a partner or lover.It would have excluded him from being accepted by a sector of the common population , but not the Male elite.
The gnostic scripture have books that were not included in the new testament and indicate very strongly that she was his partner.In his groupmof 12 deciples she was formost and top in his company, always sitting nextv to him and it is written that they kissed very intimately, in the gnostic text.Also her church flourished more than did the other disciples after his death, her church was the biggest.
It fits and makes sense , and also is backed up by logic and text.
My view is that she definitely was, and the text was altered , her name slandered,and the Romans changed the religion for their own system.

Nature is both male and female so it is essentialnin holistic metaphysical truth to have a female part on the Path.Budhist and yogis have to attain through a Divine Mother, and this is assumed by many to some kind of puritan virgin, but it is not.The divine mother is also a sexual partner/lover as well as sister and mother.
If Mother Mary was Jesus,s Divine Mother as the Romans are trying to say some kind of puritan virgin, it must have included a sexual aspect between he and Jesus,otherwise this would have to mean the were above human nature, with their sexual energy in the realms of beyond earth.If this was the case they would be too high to be in this world of people.These spiritual advanced people are A-sexual.This is as high as sexuality can get in a natural human.So not only Jesus must have bee at least A-sexual, but Mary, his Mother also.
A-sexuality is cosmic. It basically ebbs and flows in tune with sun and moon.It becomes sexually active for 3/4 days a month around the time of the full moon and just after.The most part of the energy is channelled into life.In India they refer to their yogi christs as Becoming-sons.They are A-sexual with a divine mother.
Therefore it is a basically proven the case by most holistica and spiritual masters that not only Magdalene and Jesus were sexual ,but Mary his Mother also, was sexually active with Joseph.

There is another point to add even to the argument.A natural lover of that calibre living without a rule book and not conforming to the very strict standards of those days,with a sort of outcast spiritual man, would not have been acceptable in society of those days.Spiritual leaders ,were male celebets and it would have been considered absolutely against their principles .(Jews as well).
They might have wanted to stone them to death if they could.
It was not a loose society in those times.
They wouldn't have accepted it.It is pretty obvious they changed the text.
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