ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Machine Messiahs. Drug Messiahs

There has been a lot of opposition to drug users,by system people who don't know the politics involved, because they have not experienced drugs.
In the hippy days they were called machine messiahs.This is because they acheved Christ hoodby the use of drugs and stereo music.Basicallytheir enlightenment is critizisednd rejected.but theirmetaphysics is genuine.A lot of great works in the past hasbeen from these people, Shaekespear etc.Bob Dylan and others.Bookswritings and religious texts also may have originated from drug users.Their experience and metaphysics is genuine but short lived .It comes on top.
In The Bible I haven't come across anything that explains drug use/misuse.But in the Bhagavad Gita there is a verse that says he who drinks the sacred soma does indeed achieve the highest heavens but the price is death and earthly rebirth in the light of the moon.So it is explained.
The price a genuine messiah has to pay is also death, but does not have to return to start all over again, he/she remains in heaven.A lot of value comes from drug users in theArts and other areas, and always has done so in the past. Theirachievements in the world are real and everlasting.Female is the same.
The mental health disasters that drug use delivers is mainly due to the misuse of drugs and using the wrong drugs.This is not the same thing as the proper use of drugs.They do not get there, orsucced .They do not deliver works that benefit any one inArts or anything else.they have little or no metaphysical or spiritual knowledge.they do not achieve any of the enlightenments.This is mostly the case with drugs nowadays.

Not a great deal is known on this subject as it has always preferred to work underground.But Adolf Hitler and the entire 3rd Reich thing was a drug cult.It still is today bbut it hs grown massively and is still underground, itbis now called the 4th reich.Much of the NWO is drug based and many world leaders have and still are heavy drug users.Much of our intelligence work and workers are drug users and addicts at very top levels.
The metaphysice is correct.It cannot be faulted.But the big problem comes as to what to do with these users when it turns rotten, when it comes on top.The inbuilt problem with drugs is that the user doesn't know when to stop takeing them, to give up. The time comes to this without fail and they cannot do it because of its addiction.From this time on they have been written off the book of life in this worldand also the next.

It does deliver mentalhealth deterioration.This may be organic .But it is not the same as schizophrenia.Even thoughnit is similar in appearance.
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