ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Sons of God or Adam and Eve.

We are not sons and daughters of our parents. We are sons and daughters of God(s).Genesis clearly states that Cain and Abel and Seth came from God(s).
With other species on earth this is not so.We have been hijacked by ET. Supposedly to quicken our evolution.
ET are very high species,You would not find them doing something for a single reason.It would not be economical for them to invest resources for a single project.They would have many reasons why they are using the Human species, .Our evolution would be a by-product of their many other reasons.One of the reasons would be slave labour.Another experimentation,including genetic, study,farming for food,construction and manufacture, mineral resourses,defence systems and other reasons.They need us to help them conquor the planet.To manufacture an inside job.They cant get any co-operation from the the trees and the birds and the cats and dogs.
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