ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Does God Exist.

Its possible to experience supernature, miracles and wonders, and beliefs, but in the end you would have to see god with your own eyes to believe and get direct evidence to this big Question.But the catch is, that the Truth blinds by the light.If you did see god with your own eyes , it would blind you by the light, so no proof would remain.
Nature is God.It is self.It is Inteligent.It replicates itself.The signatutre of the designer is written into the creation.It designed itself.
It is not as easy as writing off the existence of God because nature science and natural evolution are proven.The whole thing is God, but the scientist cannot see it because it blinds by the light.
The Grand Design written by Prof.Hawkins and another, is the truth of Nature and God at one level but there are deeper layers of nature not explained such as the Unified Field Theory.

You could ask what comes first the physical dimensions or the higher dimensions? Do higher dimensions give rise to our physical dimension ( Universe) or does the physical dimension come first and evolve into higher dimensions?
The answer is that all dimensions exist and are in continual fluctuation.
Reality is a many dimensional perpetual motion machine.
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